A new year, a new life

What better topic for a new year’s post than a new baby? (Well, maybe some new year’s resolutions couldn’t hurt, but a baby is soooo much more fun!)

Introducing my beautiful new niece, Josephine Noelle.

My younger brother Stu and his wife Chrissy welcomed this lovely little lady on December 21. Her first name is that of our paternal grandmother, while Noelle is uniquely hers, inspired of course by the season of her birth.

I was very fortunate to be able to photograph baby Josie on Boxing Day when she was only five days old. While I snapped away, Paul and my kids played upstairs with Josie’s big sister, Sophia. From what I heard (and saw on little breaks), Claire and Ren played Ring-around-the-rosie basically non-stop for over two hours. When Sophia wasn’t mauling Ren, that is. She has really taken a shine to her big cousin, and I was proud to see how sweet he was in handling her exuberant affection!

But back to the beautiful Josephine …

Look at all that gorgeous dark hair! Just like her big sister, this baby was born with a full head of dark hair. It’ll be interesting to see if she eventually becomes a light-haired beauty like her big sis (and Mom), or if she’ll stay dark like her dad’s side of the family.

Sigh. Isn’t she amazing? I may be a little biased, but really, I do find every little part of her just adorable. I mean, even her tiny ears make me ooh and ahhh!

When Chrissy was expecting Josie, she knitted (or crocheted?) this pretty blanket. She did something similar for Sophia too.

And oh yes, I had to take photos of baby Josephine in her birthday suit on a (faux) sheepskin rug! For the sake of her modesty, however, I’m not sharing all of the birthday suit photos.

Just look at those little hands and the fine hair on her face in the photo below. She’s so new and perfect.

Speaking of perfect, Josie’s big sister Sophia is simply amazing. Not to say she isn’t going through some of the typical stuff when a new baby enters the home, but her loving and affectionate nature hasn’t wavered.

I’m so happy for Chrissy and Stu to have welcomed another wonderful, healthy girl into their family. Congrats and all the best wishes, Chrissy and Stu, to you and your family of four!

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