New furry friends

On September 7th, we made some very important additions to our family! Introducing our new furry girls, Minka and Nina!

This little one is called Minka but we often just call her “the baby”.

We adopted her at 11 weeks old.

In order to introduce her slowly to our household and our other new cat, we put her in a harness with a leash so that we could keep track of her whereabouts. She is one fast little kitten!

That same day, we also adopted our beautiful new girl Nina. She is about a year and four months old in these first couple of photos.

Her grey coat and green eyes are stunning.

Our first night with Nina was so sweet and funny. While the baby was safely tucked in for the night in her temporary “kitten room”, we allowed Nina to come up to our bedroom with us. She had been sweet all day but not overly affectionate. We soon learned that all changes at nighttime! This cat may not want to sit on our laps but she definitely wants to sleep on our heads! She soon began to knead her paws on my neck, my face, my hair, etc, all the while purring loudly.

The first while was pretty rough in terms of the two kitties getting along. They fought so roughly and we just couldn’t tell if they were play-fighting or if it was for real. Plus, baby Minka had ear-mites so we did want to keep them mostly separated until her treatment was complete.

Fast forward to now – three weeks later – and the two girls have really hit their stride together. Minka, the kitten, is now free to roam the house day and night alongside her big sister Nina. They love to fight together but also love to groom and cuddle each other. We adore their love fests!

This condo in the living room is their favourite perch in the house. It has two sleeping areas but the highest one is the favourite of both of course. I quickly snapped this pic when Nina jumped up to the top where Minka was already curled.

While I still had my camera out, they rearranged themselves in that small area and began to groom each other. First, Nina groomed the kitten and then to my surprise, the baby began to clean Nina.

Such little lovey-dovey babies.

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  • Beth

    Are you kidding me? Could they be any cuter. That’s crazy. We’ll have to come meet them soon.ReplyCancel

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