Back to school and new beginnings

Whew, this week has been a busy one! The kids started school again on Tuesday, September 5, so it was a flurry here of preparation, haircuts, laundry and lunch-planning.

Our girl is now in Grade 6. How this ever happened, I’ll never know. Her first day of Kindergarten seems like yesterday! She is as sweet as ever but now has a maturity and a certain kind of confidence that only comes with experience.

Our boy is now in Grade 5. Ren is as gentle a soul as ever, full of imagination, humour and compassion.

He was fairly anxious about his first day of school this fall because he was switching from the Mandarin bilingual program at his school to the English-only stream. That means a whole new set of kids, on top of the usual stuff like a new teacher and new classroom.

I was relieved to hear at the end of the day that it all went better than he anticipated. All week, he’s been finding his usual friends (from the Mandarin program) at recess to play with, and his new class and teachers all seem to be a good fit. *Cue Mama’s sigh of relief*

Once the kids were back at school, I did a bit of cleaning, some errands and … drove around A LOT looking at a bunch of cats I saw online from the Humane Society and other local rescue organizations. I feel like my heart is literally aching for Kitsya – and I think it always will – but I also feel like our household would benefit greatly again from the joy a pet can bring. It’s been so quiet and lonely here since Kitsya died. Plus, we miss having a little friend to nurture, love, play with and worry about.

So … news on this topic will be announced shortly. Stay tuned!

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