Claire & Ava in matching dresses (again!)

These two beauties have been BFFs since they were less than a year old.

They are from the same city in China, and they are from the same city now.  As far as we can determine, the girls didn’t cross paths until Forever Family Day when they were bussed in together (along with several other babies) from their home city to the provincial capital. And then Claire was placed in my and Paul’s arms, and Ava into Beth and James’.

Upon returning home from China, Claire and Ava became a constant in each other’s lives. Our photo albums and blogs are full of pictures of these two together. I could share so many sweet and hilarious pictures but I’ll save that for another time! For now, I’ll focus on the girls in matching dresses. Because that became a thing very early on.

In July of 2007, our first summer with the babies, we realized we had unintentionally purchased the same dress for the girls. It was a funny coincidence, and so we decided to document it with photos when we got together for a summer BBQ.

As far as getting a good photo went, it was a gong show. But it was still pretty cute just because they are cute.

Fast forward to November of 2008, when we deliberately bought matching dresses. This time, things went marginally better.

In February of 2010, to mark three years as BFFs, we went for it again. Not the greatest pictures ever, but so cute for the personalities you see shining through.

And then in May of 2011, Beth and I took some of our favourite pictures of the girls …

Beth and I both think something just magical happened that night, because the girls were so easy to photograph.  Click here and here for the full blog posts.

By the way, the photo directly above really shows the height difference between the girls for most of their lives until recently. Claire had always followed her own curve on (or slightly below!) the growth chart until about a year and a half ago when she suddenly made a huge jump. Now, she and Ava are pretty much the same height.

Somehow we neglected to do any matching dress photo shoots from 2011 until now. I’m not sure why … time just got away on us.  I’m so glad that Beth thought of it again this summer, so that we could mark the passage of time in our traditional way. It’s especially poignant  because now the girls look like young women instead of little children.

Without further adieu, here are Claire and Ava, at nearly 11 1/2 years old.

Our girls weren’t so comfortable being all huggy and lovey-dovey anymore! They kept laughing when we asked them to put their arms around each other’s waist, or to hold hands. No matter, I love the photos of them laughing too. And I do think we were able to capture some sweet, close moments too, without too much obvious awkwardness!

Thank you, Claire and Ava, for a sweet night of awkward hugs and hysterical giggles! I’m signing off now to online shop for your next photo shoot (wink!).

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