The kids’ bathroom renovation

My kiddos are still having a heyday in Saskatoon with their grandparents so I’m trying to fit in a ton of work while they are away. One item on my to-do list was to document the renovation of their bathroom – 2 1/2 years after the fact!

When we bought the house in mid-2014, this was the only full bathroom in the entire house. Back on possession day, their bathroom looked like this:

This plaque was on the bathroom door. Seriously.

Believe me, it wasn’t there long.

As you can see, the bathroom was dated with old wallpaper, tired linoleum, not-great fixtures and a bulky glass door on the tub / shower.

We decided to keep the same footprint for the tub/ shower, vanity and toilet, but knew we had to update virtually everything. The two things we decided to keep were the tub – it is a good-quality jet tub in a size that would be hard to replace – and the entry and closet doors.

My vision for the bathroom was to keep it clean and simple, with bright pops of colour added through accessories; we knew that the main pop of colour would be provided by our custom shower curtain from our old house. Overall, we would go with an “updated traditional” look.

It didn’t take long for me to choose all the components, especially since some (the light fixtures, mirrors, and faucets) would be same as in the master bathroom.

With the vanity, there were a few choices for the counter-tops. I did consider a quartz counter-top that coordinated perfectly with the tile flooring I chose, but in the end, I decided it was almost too perfect a match; it was so perfect that it was actually kind of boring, if you know what I mean. In the end, I chose the same Carerra marble counter-top that we used in the master, not only for continuity throughout the house but because it offered more visual interest in combination with the flooring than the other options did.

Here’s the mood-board I created before reno started:

  1. Kent sconce, 10″, in polished chrome from Restoration Hardware (note: we used the smaller size of sconce here in the kids’ bathroom; in the master, we used the 15″)
  2. Classic Wall Mirror in polished chrome, 24 x 30″, from Restoration Hardware (note: we used the shorter mirror in the kids’ bathroom, versus the taller version we used in the master to accommodate my hubby’s 6’3″ height)
  3. Framingham 60″ Vanity – Double Bowl – in Polar White with Carrera marble top from Fairmont Designs
  4. 12 x 24″porcelain tile called Travertini – Grigio, in Natural. Grout colour is Delorian Gray. Tile to be applied in a one-third offset pattern. We used this on the floor, the tub skirt AND the shower surround. At the time, I wanted to minimize my choices and keep things super-simple. In retrospect, I think it would have been fun to choose another tile for the shower surround.
  5. Benjamin Moore White Dove for the walls
  6. Shower curtain, custom made by Tonic Living in Nathalie Teal fabric
  7. I had planned to make a faux roman shade for the window using Handcut Shapes in Rain, fabric from Tonic Living. I still haven’t made the roman shade because I love seeing the pretty window trim, but maybe this winter I’ll finally go for it.

In the end, the kids’ new bathroom looked just as I’d hoped: bright and happy like my kiddos themselves.

We deliberately hung the mirrors quite low for the kids. It’ll be easy to hang them higher as they get taller. We made sure to leave room under the light sconces for that, while ensuring that the current gap between the mirrors and sconces still looks good.

Huh. As I’m working on this post, I’m noticing the weird pinkish tinge to the hallway walls in the photo above. They aren’t really pink! I think they may have taken on a strange colour cast from the maple floors in this small area. The walls in the hallway are Benjamin Moore White Dove just like in the bathroom.

We love this tall bar on which the shower head can slide. It’s perfect because this bathroom, in addition to being the kids’ bathroom, is also the guest bath. Guests can easily adjust the shower height from this low position set for my kids.

My kids love having their own sinks. In our old house, our family of four shared one bathroom (although there was a small bathroom in the basement too), so it’s a luxury for them to have a bathroom to themselves. Another small luxury is the heated floor. It feels sooo good in the winter!

I forgot to include our faucets on the mood-board. They are by Riobel, and I love them.

I love how you can see this rubber ducky in the reflection of the mirrors in some pics. A colleague of mine gave this to me when we were waiting to adopt Claire. It always makes me smile.

I obviously didn’t decorate this small space very heavily, but the pieces we do have in here, I love. The photograph above the toilet is from Cuba when Claire just under two years old.

The bright teal towels are all from IKEA, by the way.

So that’s it: that’s our kids’ bright and happy little bathroom. I love how simple it is, and how we can easily change the look of it by switching out the accessories. I have to say, though, I still love the colour palette and the shower curtain fabric so much that I haven’t changed a thing since we moved in!








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