Happy Birthday, Canada!

Ever since we adopted our children, I’ve made a point of making sure they had something cute and patriotic to wear on Canada Day. This year was no exception!

This year, I took the extra step of decorating the front porch for the occasion! I love the bright pops of red and small hints of crisp white.

We already had this small loveseat, chair, large black planters and black lanterns. I just added the outdoor rug, the coffee table, some red and white petunias and the accessories. What a difference it made to liven the space up!

Every now and then, I use a chalk marker to write a message on our front door’s window. Sometimes it’s a simple “Hello”, or “Hello Spring”. This time, I wrote “O Canada” as a nod to our national anthem.

Now that I’ve freshened this space up, I have a feeling we’ll be spending a lot more time out here. It’s a wonderfully-shaded spot, especially compared to our very sunny backyard. We already spent a good part of the afternoon out there today playing Kaiser, a card game that is apparently unique to the Canadian prairies.

This little glass wheelbarrow always makes me smile whenever I see it.  Sometimes I use it to hold the kids’ favourite rocks but other times it holds candy. I really should have filled it with red Smarties today!

To celebrate Canada Day this year, we decided to camp in our backyard. We used to have a tradition where we would go camping on the Father’s Day weekend in June. However, when Claire moved to a new dance studio a couple of years ago, that no longer worked because of a conflict with their year-end recital. Instead, the July long weekend will now serve as our our annual camping weekend. I’m so glad the “trip” part is just a few steps out the back door!

We had an amazing night last night in our yard and a fun and somewhat restful sleep in the tent last night. The best part, though, was sleeping in and then having homemade poutine – a Canadian favourite –  for lunch. Yum!

There are so many amazing things happening in Edmonton this weekend to celebrate Canada’s 150th, but it feels great to just be celebrating together quietly in our backyard. After a very busy spring, I think we all needed this quality time together to make new memories.

Whether you are celebrating quietly like us or taking part in some of the great activities around our beautiful country today, enjoy your Canada Day! Happy 150th, Canada!



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