Claire’s tween bedroom

Since I’m so behind on blogging, I’m using this post to document the original renovation to this room (back in late 2014) as well as the refresh that we just completed! Here goes!

How it looked on possession day

As with Ren’s room, Claire’s new room didn’t need a lot of work. We planned to simply change out the trim and hardwoods (to match the rest of the upper level), paint, and replace the light fixture.

In these photos you can also spy the old stair railing which we quickly had removed!There’s Claire’s hoodie in the closet 🙂

The room wasn’t bad at all. It’s a really good size but the purple paint (which was actually quite pretty) made the room feel very dark.

As for the light fixture, we planned to re-use the chandelier from the dining room. I had a new one planned for that room, and I love re-purposing things instead of sending them to the dump. Here’s the “before” of the chandelier:

I ended up adapting the chandelier  by removing that bulbous thing at the bottom, painting it and then blinging it out with crystals I purchased online. You’ll see “after” pictures below.

Time for a decor refresh

When we first moved Claire’s things into this house, her room looked a lot different than it does now. I wish I took pictures of it then, so that I could show you the before and after of the “refresh”. However, I do have pictures of Claire’s room in our old house, which I’ve shared below to give you an idea of her colour scheme and furnishings when we first moved in:

It was cute – and we were both sentimentally attached to the “Sunbonnet Sue Through the Seasons” quilt my mom made – but last year, Claire decided she was ready for a change.

Planning and preparation

When we decided to refresh Claire’s room, we scoured the web for inspiration. Ultimately, we found our inspiration in cute bedding from Pottery Barn kids. The adorable eye-lashes on the yellow rose pillowcases cinched it for us, but we also fell in love with the sophisticated grey quilt that would see Claire through her teen years. Claire wanted to also incorporate teal which is one of her favourite colours, so we spray-painted her chandelier and various accessories / wall frames with some spray paint we bought at Michaels.

The Pottery Barn picture of her bedding also provided inspiration in the form of paint colour for Claire’s cherry-coloured bed frame. We had been wanting to paint it for years but didn’t have a clear vision for it. When we saw the Pottery Barn picture of her bedding on a black bed frame, voila! Being the middle of winter at the time, however, we had to hold off painting it until warmer weather. Fast forward to this summer, and the children’s absence (they are with their grandparents in Saskatoon) afforded Paul and I the opportunity to finally paint it.

We chose to spray-paint the bed instead of brushing / rolling it to avoid brush marks. Plus, it’s just super-easy and quick, as long as you have a space to work in. Here’s the bed in the garage before spray-painting it:

As with past furniture-painting projects, we used our trusty little Critter siphon spray gun. It’s very simple to use and provides great results.

Paul ended up doing the painting this time. He did several (4 – 5) very light coats. Doesn’t it look amazing?

Since the kids are away, we didn’t have to rush to get the bed back up in Claire’s room. We let it cure for a week in the garage before moving it back in, despite my excitement about setting up her room again.

The reveal

Okay, so I should admit that before photographing Claire’s room for these pictures, I took out soooo much “stuff” it isn’t funny. And now when I look at these pictures, I see that I should have taken out even MORE stuff because it still looks cluttered. But hey, at least it’s somewhat realistic, right?

One thing I should have removed is the piece of paper on Claire’s hamper. She made a cute little name sign and put it there quite a while ago; I didn’t have the heart to remove it, even just for photos.

When we changed out Claire’s bedding last winter, we also created this little gallery wall for her above her bed.

If you look really closely at the picture on the top right of the gallery, you’ll see a print of a seal wearing a clown wig. Claire and I had searched Etsy for seal paintings or prints. This one makes her laugh hysterically, so it was the natural winner.

Gigglestuff made the cute little unicorn eye-glass holder sitting on Claire’s night table.

A close family friend, Alma, made the adorable afghan in the photo below. Can you see the kitties in the pattern? She gave it to Claire for Christmas when Claire was about a year and a half old, and we’ve all treasured it ever since.

This is the side of the room that still looks horribly cluttered …

It’s crazy because I seriously removed a ton of stuff before doing these pictures.

Claire still likes her American Girl and Maple Lea (the Canadian version) dolls. Last summer we set up this little “apartment” for her dolls which Claire then promptly decorated. Only one doll is pictured below because Claire took one with her to Saskatoon.

This little “room” is one of my favourites because of the cute pillows on the bed (couch?). Claire’s Auntie Marlene made the little donut (a tea party “treat” that Claire re-purposed as a doll pillow) and Claire herself made the other pillows.

Back to Claire’s room and some other angles …

It feels so good to have finally painted Claire’s bed AND photographed the entire room. Plus, I spent quite a bit of time re-organizing her dresser drawers and closet. I’m missing my kiddos like crazy but I’ve gotta say that it is a relief to tackle these long-standing items on my to-do list. A big thank you to Baba and Dido for giving the children a July to remember while at the same time affording me the chance to do these labour-intensive tasks. And now we finally have a room fit for our tween!










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