A big birthday for a little cat – Kitsya is 17!

This little girl is 17 years old today!

That’s 84 in cat years!

She’s definitely showing her age these days. She’s a sleepy cat now, and not nearly as playful as she once was. She’s gray in the face, and long in the tooth. Okay, she’s always been long in the tooth, so that’s not new. But she is as sweet as ever to her family, and as ferocious as ever to those who aren’t!

Kitsya is strictly an indoor cat, meaning that when we do take her outside, she wears a little harness (her “romper”) attached to a leash. For these pictures, though, I took her romper off so that she could be in her birthday suit.

The kids have always doted on Kitsya but they have never been apt to pick her up and carry her around. It’s also a pretty rare thing for her to ever sit on their laps (she prefers mine). That’s why in the following pictures, she (a) doesn’t look overly impressed when Ren is trying to hold her, and then (b) makes a run for it.

Ah, that’s better!

Ren has always had an extra-soft spot for Kitsya. He often fusses over here just like this. She eats it up.

Ren tried to get her to play for awhile but she wasn’t too into it.

She was more into exploring, since for once she was a free-range chicken without her romper and leash.

I just love how her little tail looks. Sometimes I forget that most cats HAVE long tails.

I dread the day we say goodbye to this little friend of ours. Not to be morbid, but I think about it daily. I always worry when I see her do something out of the ordinary, because I think it could be the beginning of the end. Although it’s always top of the mind, I really try not to worry about it too, too much. Instead I use that daily recognition of her old-age as a reminder to love her like crazy while we can. And she is so very easy to love.



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