From baby pajamas to heirloom quilt

Well, I’m a lucky mama AND a lucky daughter: for many reasons actually, but right now, specifically for being the recipient of the most wonderful quilts from my mom.

It all started back when the kids were teeny tiny. I saved all of their pajamas after they outgrew them, knowing all the while that I’d like to have a quilt made out of them someday. I thought that maybe, just maybe, I’d give it a try myself. However, in the last couple of years I’ve realized I already have too many hobbies – quilting would be one too many! So, I asked my mom who is, after all, a quilter-extraordinaire.  I spent some time at the quilting fabric store, looking for just the right colours for the backing and binding, and then dropped it all of with my mom in Saskatchewan mid-July last year.

Only two weeks later, I returned to Saskatchewan for another event and Mom had already finished putting the tops of both quilts together. She still needed to hand-quilt the tops and bottoms together  but given her progress already at that point, I knew it wouldn’t be long!

Here is what the quilts looked like at that stage …

Claire’s quilt:


It was so exciting to see their little pjs turned into tiles on a quilt, and so fun to look at each one and remember what stage the children were at when they wore the pjs.

A couple of weeks later and voila, Mom was completely done! That was last August, by the way.

Fast forward to Easter of this year when I finally was able to pick up those beautiful quilts and then to today when I finally photographed them.

Mom always signs the back of her quilts.

I chose the multi-coloured fabric for the backing and binding based on the colours of Claire’s pajamas. Her pjs were mostly pink, red (from Christmas!), green, and some orange.

Mom incorporated the sweetest details from Claire’s pjs, including embroidery, pockets, ribbons and ruffles.

I just love how they both turned out. Here’s Ren’s:

Like Claire’s, I looked for fabric that echoed the main colours of Ren’s pjs: orange, green, blue, red, etc. I really lucked out with the fabrics for both quilts, I think. I especially love the diagonal stripe on the binding.

You can’t see Mom’s hand-stitches in every picture but you can see some in the next picture below, near the bottom of the grey fabric. But of course, her hand-stitching is everywhere on the quilt! That’s one of the things that makes it so special.

Aren’t they fantastic?! Thanks to Mom, our children’s precious childhood pajamas are now preserved in the form of heirloom quilts. Thank you, Mom! xoxo


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  • You are lucky. I've saved jeans and shirts from my son and dad (he died in 2008) and hope to make a memory quilt soon. Gotta love your wonderful momma.ReplyCancel

  • These are so beautiful! What an amazing gift for your children… full of precious memories!ReplyCancel

  • Absolutely amazing!!!!!!! Wow, I am so inspired. I've saved a lot of Jade's baby stuff and hope to make a quilt, but so intimidated. This has inspired me to get going. Thanks so much for sharing <3 I love these! From MarleneReplyCancel

  • Oh boy. These are gorgeous! Well done, Mama! My Mom is a quilter too… (which is awesome, because I can;t even sew a button on!) – she's made some special ones for my girls. ♥ReplyCancel

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