Gap-toothed grins

Friday was the day for Claire to finally lose her second top tooth! Yes, we now have two kids running around with nearly identical gap-toothed grins.

I am usually the lucky plucker of loose teeth. Who knew, but it turns out I love pulling those little pearly whites. But guess what? I didn’t get to pull this tooth of Claire’s. She didn’t do it either. And it wasn’t Paul …

It was Ren! I had been fiddling with that little tooth for a few minutes and was about to go for it when Claire asked Ren to do the honours. She said, “Please? It would be really special for me if my brother did it!”

I should mention here that it wasn’t quite as loose as they usually are when we pull them but it was sticking straight out from the adult tooth pushing it below and it had been really bothering Claire.

I showed Ren exactly what to do and with one false start, he gave a good pull and out it came! If only I had the resulting celebration on camera: they hugged and cheered and hugged some more, with Claire looking relieved and Ren so very proud. It was one of those hilarious yet sweet moments that I am so lucky to witness as their mama.

I did finally grab the camera when Claire went to the bathroom to examine her new smile in the mirror.


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  • Rae

    I love toothless grins! Though it is a bit bittersweet, they seem to grow up so much when the adult teeth come in.

    Yay for Ren being a hero, Yay for Claire for wanting her brother to make losing her tooth an extra-special occasion!


  • Aww, what a sweet story. It's so great you wrote it down, some day they will definitely get a good giggle out of this! So special.

    And yes, how did that work out, two kids with no front (top) teeth!ReplyCancel

  • Marlene

    Great job you kids! Congrats Claire on your bravery and asking your little bro to help you and congrats on helping your big sis with such a task!! From Auntie Mar.ReplyCancel

  • Usually I comment on the photography and it's subjects but this time….well…the accompanying story is just so sweet and one that I'm sure you will always hold dear to your heart….beautiful pics too!ReplyCancel

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