The beautiful H girls

I finally worked up my courage to ask my friend Bessie if I could photograph her girls the other week. I’m trying to step outside my comfort zone with photography in multiple ways, the first of which is getting used to photographing other children. The second is shooting indoors in other people’s homes – the challenge of which is that I need to assess the natural light there on the fly and figure out the best places to shoot. That is big for me! The third challenge is that I’m trying to shoot completely in manual mode these days. I’m more used to shooting in aperature priority mode which automatically chooses the shutter speed for me after I set the ISO and aperature.

My inspiration for the photos was the piano. Both girls play the piano so beautifully. And their piano is as gorgeous to look at as their playing is to hear, so it was kind of a no-brainer.

When I arrived for the little photo shoot, both girls were already decked out in beautiful new dresses – absolutely perfect for what I had in mind. Bessie gave me some great inspiration for poses and away we went!

Claire’s classmate and good friend “E” was up first. Here are my favourites …

Note: If these were printed in a series, I’d do them all in the same black and white treatment but for the blog I decided to post each picture with my favourite treatment for it. Please pardon me if it makes the post look busy!
Big sister “I” came next. Isn’t she gorgeous too? These girls are seriously so lovely.

And the sisters together …

Thank you so much, Bessie, for allowing me to practice on your girls in your home. And a huge thank you to your girls for being so wonderful and patient with me! If you are willing, I’m already dreaming about our next shoot … 😉



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