Five years with our boy!

Sunday, February 23rd marked a hugely important anniversary in our lives: it was five years since our son Ren joined our family and made us complete!

Thanks to our Ren, it has been five years of mega-watt smiles, shining eyes, soaring imaginative play, fantastical art, deep conversation (he was the one, after all, to ask about the birds and bees!) and sibling sweetness. As it is with raising any child, there have been some challenges but the positives definitely outweigh the difficulties!

Claire was at a birthday party most of the day so instead of celebrating as an entire family, we took it as a special opportunity to devote our attention entirely to Ren, with activities we knew Ren would love.

But first I made him sit for a few pictures in his new “Ron Weasley Jumper” (as the kids call it).

I tried to get Kitsya to sit with Ren for awhile but she was not cooperating at all.

I swear, Kitsya doesn’t look this grumpy in real life! Okay, maybe she does a little …

We then headed to the theatre to watch the Lego Movie, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.
Afterwards, we surprised Ren with a trip to our local Lego store. He had a gift card from Christmas from there that he still hadn’t spent. He took his time choosing and finally decided on a couple of superhero sets.

Upon arriving home, he and Paul cooped themselves up in his room and went to work building.

Last but not least, supper was a real treat! We had Lightning McQueen chicken nuggets that he had seen at Safeway just days before. If only I had taken pictures of the lovely, heavily-processed meat treats! (Shiver)

Happy five years, sweet Renners!
xoxo, Mama


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  • How does 5 years go by so fast?!!! It felt like yesterday that you told me you had gotten your referral. He is a gorgeous boy!ReplyCancel

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