New dress, old actions

Yesterday Claire tried on a new dress and I took the opportunity to snap some photographs of her. She is looking so grown up these days it takes my breath away.

Some of the images I snapped have a “school photo” look to them. Oops. Didn’t quite mean to do that.

IMG_0915 copy

IMG_0953 copy

But others …


I love when suddenly you find the right angle and composition, and everything just comes together.

IMG_1013 copymh 

IMG_1015 copymh

IMG_1024 copymh

I know they are all very similar but I had to post them anyway because I love all of Claire’s different expressions.

While editing, I decided to play around with some Photoshop actions that I haven’t touched in a while. I usually prefer not to apply actions that alter the colours or sharpness too much but I found that the Milk and Honey action from Florabella really suited these.

And then while I was in the mood, I played around with some Florabella textures too. Haven’t done that in a while either!

IMG_0910 mh 
IMG_0937 copy pmh

Please pardon my application of different actions to these photos. I know that to be a cohesive “set” they should all have the same photoshop treatments.

Claire was quite a happy and willing model yesterday …

IMG_0981 copych

 … so I took the opportunity to change lenses and give my tilt-shift a whirl for a few.

IMG_1040 bw 

IMG_1077 copybw

But I think by then, I was done. So we called it a day and Claire moved on to making love bugs for us all. That girl does adore crafts! And Valentine’s!

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  • Lovely photos! Claire is looking so grown up…8 soon, so hard to believe..ReplyCancel

  • Cute dress, I adore the red heart buttons set against the white!
    You and I are probably alike and use 2 actions out of the 40 we have! Funny. Sometimes it's fun to probe around and see what else 'works'.

    These are fun! Claire is such a happy girl and yes, I think it's the bangs that make her look so grown-up, all of a sudden!ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful…inside and out!!!!ReplyCancel

  • She is growing up! And it amazes me how much her hair has grown!

    I love the blur in the last photos. Gorgeous!ReplyCancel

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