The one-tooth wonder

Meet Ren, the first child in our house to lose a top tooth:


I had the honour of plucking that little pearl last night. By morning, his other top tooth – also loose – had already begun migrating towards the center! Look how big the gap is between the remaining top tooth and its neighbour; there used to be barely any gap at all!

IMG_8779 bw

I have always loved a gap-toothed smile and I do think Ren looks cute … but also pretty hilarious! He looks like a little hillbilly from a cartoon or something. Maybe gap-smiles always seem bizarre to the kid’s parent but cute to everyone else.

We had a very quiet Christmas because I came down with the flu. We ended up cancelling our trip to Saskatoon and just stayed home and rested, played, watched movies, crafted and read. In the end, I think it was really good for all of us though we did dearly miss our families who we had planned to see.

My sister-in-law Marlene knitted (or crocheted?) the soft and cozy necktube Ren is sporting in the pictures above. Claire’s gift was an equally awesome and super-cute hat:

IMG_8813 mk


I just love it. Thanks Auntie Marlene!

Now that I am on the mend, we have begun venturing out of the house again. We skiied the other day (me, only for an hour), Claire attended a birthday party yesterday, we shopped today, and tomorrow we have a playdate. Life is returning to normal but without the busyness of school and activities. I’m happy we have this week to enjoy before returning to our usual chaos. I hope everyone reading this is also enjoying a restful and happy holiday.

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  • Way to go Ren! When I saw his photo on Flickr I just had to comment, and then move on fast! Only because Lilah has been desperate to lose a tooth for about 2 years now, haha! I hope Claire doesn't feel at all bad about it.

    We are having such a relaxing holiday too. Sorry to hear you were sick. 🙁


  • Wow, that is one toothless grin! I love this stage in kids… it is just too cute!ReplyCancel

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