Snow, snow and more snow

This week we got great heaps of snow and for once, I’m loving it! Truth be told, I always do find snow somewhat magical but having to bundle the kids up like crazy every day and risk the roads is not always fun.

We did have a few days of terribly cold weather but we’ve been graced with temperatures around zero for the weekend and we are making good use of it. Today, we are going to our local ski hill. Yesterday, we decorated (temporarily) a few trees in the valley. Fun for the kids and good for mama who was hoping to have a contender for the annual Christmas card …

IMG_6705 copy

IMG_6786 copy

IMG_6809 copyIMG_6841 copy
IMG_6797 copy

IMG_6893 copy

IMG_6895 copy

IMG_6943 copy

IMG_6939 copy

IMG_6949 copyIMG_7020 copy

IMG_7004 copy

IMG_7037 copyIMG_7039_edited-1 copy

I don’t know which, if any, of the photos I’ll use for our family card but I think I definitely have some options now. Any favourites?

IMG_6899 copy corners

The Flickr set with more photos is here.

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  • Can't really say why but 7039 really appeals to me. I think it's the sun in the background? They're all great. I love that the wardrobe is so coordinated. My kids are lucky they have all those things, let alone all matched so fashionably:)ReplyCancel

  • You have THAT much snow? …okay, that's just crazy! These are all beautiful, as always. I love Claire's winter jacket! Do you ever wish you'd thought about Christmas Card photos in July? I know I do!! Haha!

    Happy choosing.

  • I love the last one you have with the photo corners!! Excellent way to use that photo op for this year's Christmas card!! From Auntie MarleneReplyCancel

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