Wedding weekend, part 1


My little brother got married this past weekend! It was an amazing day with lots of love, laughter and dancing.

Thankfully, I was not “on duty” as a photographer. Can you imagine the stress? Even if I were ever to hang my shingle as a professional photographer, I would not do weddings. I did snap a few photos here and there but mostly had my camera tucked away. It was good to just experience the wedding in real life as opposed to having to see it through my tiny viewfinder.

I did make a point, though, of visiting Stu before the wedding ceremony so that I could take a couple of pictures. I knew that the professional photographer would be with the bride before the ceremony to capture her getting ready and I wanted to make sure that Stu had some coverage as well! Specifically, I wanted to capture him putting on his cufflinks:

Stu cufflinks

stu cufflinks 2
Stu with cufflinks

Note: for any of you with eagle eyes, you may notice Stu’s cufflinks are a bit tarnished in these pictures. We remedied that situation a short while later!

Stu is the last of the seven siblings in our family to get married. We were all fortunate to have both Mom and Dad are our weddings. Not sowith Stu, as Dad passed away seven years ago. Although he would no doubt be there in spirit, we siblings also wanted something to physically represent Dad at Stuie’s wedding. The answer? Custom sterling silver cufflinks with Dad’s signature, which we siblings presented to Stu about a month before the wedding:

Photo by Chris Parry

These gorgeous cufflinks were handcrafted by Chris Parry of Bespoke Jewellery in the UK. I would highly recommend him for any type of custom jewellery. He responded to my inquiry promptly, was fantastic about making suggestions, and turned out an incredibly beautiful product very, very quickly. He was also sensitive to my need for secrecy for several months, making sure that he could post images of the cufflinks online without inadvertently letting Stu in on the secret.

I also captured one last quick image of unmarried Stu with our mom:

IMG_1524 bw

And then at the Church … a still-single Stu with his groomsmen:

the boys

Classic Stu and Bryce pose (don’t ask why):

IMG_1632 copy

Or maybe do ask, but direct those questions to Stu!

Before I knew it, it was time to take my seat and await the bride’s entrance! I said a quick goodbye to my Claire – flowergirl extraordinaire – at the back of the Church and took my seat.

IMG_1646 copy

Claire was one of three flowergirls. This little girl pictured above with her is Cora, the same sweetie who attended the bridal tea party back in August. But check out that arm cast! The poor pumpkin took a nasty spill on Thursday, just two days before the wedding. What a trooper to have still done her flowergirl duty! And seriously, could she get any cuter??!!

Now this is where my camera stayed mostly tucked away or where I brought it out only as discreetly as I could. You’ll notice from the following images that I have very few images of the bride, Chrissy. That’s because I stayed in my pew where I was supposed to which meant not always having the best view from a photography perspective. But let me tell you, Chrissy was a stunning bride.

IMG_1687 copy

The bridal party was so colourful, I just loved it:

IMG_1719 copy

The tiniest flowergirl is Chrissy’s adorable two and a half year-old niece, Gabby. She did soooo well for such a youngin’.

IMG_1708 copy

The bridal party only had to stand at the front like that for a few minutes but understandably, it got to be a little much for Gabby who started to wander just a bit. It wasn’t long, though, before Claire took control of the situation. Just look at Claire’s expression here as she takes a gentle yet firm hold on Gabby. She totally cracks me up!

The sheriff
And then a miracle happened. Or, at least I would have thought, back when we growing up, that it would take a miracle … my little brother was married! Congratulations, Chrissy and Stu!

Kiss collage
More to come …
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  • I LOVE the photo of your brother and your mom!

    And those orange flower girl dresses are beautiful. Great Fall colours! I can hardly wait to see more!ReplyCancel

  • Fantastic pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Those black & white shots of your brother, and the one with your Mom, there is something so poignant about them – beautiful captures, Monica.
    I have to admit, I adore the bridesmaid dress, the colour and the cute of their dresses is just exquisite. Not to mention, the bride herself, oh was she ever radiant on her special day. She is just glowing with happiness.

    You could have been the professional photographer here – amazing, Monica.

    I have to mention it again, as I did on Flickr, but that photo of 'the classic Stu and Bryce pose'… I totally bought it, for about 5 minutes, had no idea he was kneeling. Haha!ReplyCancel

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