First and last lemonade stand of the season

Despite our best intentions and hopes, we didn’t have a lemonade stand all summer. Last year, we discovered that the best day for selling was Sunday but it seemed like we were either out of town or busy each time another Sunday rolled around. That is, until today.

The kids’ friends came over to help them sell lemonade and cookies, and sell they did! They made quite a lot of money today, although I must admit it’s not so much due to the number of sales they made as to the tips they received. One guy actually gave tipped them $19.75 after buying one glass of lemonade! Oh, and the oldest of the group was selling his old comics. His best customers were the dads: our own, that is!

It’s no wonder this little group made so much money today. These kids are seriously cute together. The cute cheer Mihn made up, which she, Claire and Sun sang loud and clear, certainly helped too!

(clap, clap, clap)
Crunchy ice
(clap, clap, clap)
Sip it once
(pause to drink)
Sip it twice
(pause again)
Turn around, touch the ground
Now it’s time for another round! (Alternate line: Kick your boyfriend out of town!)
lemonade collage
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