An afternoon in the countryside

Last week, we went out for a couple of adventures in the country. The first stop was Jurassic Forest to walk the beautiful paths and see the robotic dinosaurs.

Fall walk 2

We’ve been having a gorgeous fall so far. The leaves were just starting to turn last week but are now much more golden. It was nice just to be outdoors, taking in the scenery and the dinos and other creatures.

dino collage 2

No sooner had we stepped on the trails when Ren asked: “Where’s the T-Rex?” Sadly for him, the T-Rex was wayyy at the end of our trails. Thankfully Ren was able to continue along patiently and enjoy the other dinos until he got to his buddy.


Jurassic Forest is very close to another attraction we enjoy – Prairie Gardens – but when we went there we realized a festival was underway and it very, very busy. Having just seen a sign for an apple orchard, we opted to stop there instead.

My blog friend Jill recently posted about her family’s visit to an apple orchard and I lamented that we didn’t have any near by. Well, I was wrong! Granted, the apples here are smaller but still, it was an orchard nonetheless! We grabbed some pails and away we went!

IMG_2647 copy
IMG_2776 copy
IMG_2818 copy
IMG_2740 copy

Some of the farms around here have the most beautiful windbreaks of massive willow trees. This was one of them.

IMG_2678 copy

I think this next shot is funny. Ren is having a lovey-dovey moment while Claire discovers something worrisome on her apple:

IMG_2689 copy

On bright sunny afternoons like this, I really struggle with my exposure. I prefer to shoot in the open shade but in some locations, on days like this, any shade I can find has bright areas still behind it. So I try to expose for my subject but then my background is overexposed and blown out. Sigh. It’s times like this I think I need to rely on my speedlight more – to expose for the background and then use my flash to achieve the right exposure on my subject. Any suggestions, fellow photogs?

IMG_2716 copy copy
IMG_2733 copy

IMG_2770 copy

IMG_2911 copy2

We’ve been enjoying apples all week. They are so cute and easy to send along for school snacks. Last night, I made some yummy applesauce which brought back great memories of my childhood (Mom makes the best applesauce!). I think today is the day for apple crisp!

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  • Oh Monica! So glad to hear you found an apple orchard! 🙂 Now I'm lamenting that we don't have a Jurassic Park close by, I know Lilah would LOVE it.

    And I just love that shot of T-Ren with his beloved T-Rex!


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