Drumheller, Alberta: so bad it’s good

We had a fantastic little day-trip to the badlands this past Monday. I always forget how cool it is to be travelling through farmland and then to suddenly have the landscape change so dramatically like it does. Even the kids, who aren’t always impressed by scenery, were excited by it all.
Enjoying the view at Horsethief Canyon:
IMG_0263 copy
Claire was scared to get too close to the edge:
IMG_0269 copy
 Checking out the tiny Church – an actual Church that seats 8 people – in Drumheller:


IMG_0303 copy

And then on to one of our major stops of the day: the Royal Tyrell Museum.

IMG_0320 copy

The last time we were in Drumheller, the kids found the dim exhibit areas kind of scary. Not this time, thankfully! They are the perfect age now for all things dinosaur.

IMG_0350 copy
IMG_0344 copy


IMG_0387 copy


IMG_0408 copy


IMG_0420 copy

This time, we signed up for a couple of activities at the museum, the first one being fossil casting.

Making their own plaster for the cast:

IMG_0436 copy

Everyone had different moulds and we had no idea what each one was while we were doing the actual casting.

IMG_0459 copy


As the casts were drying, everyone looked up the numbers on their moulds to determine what type of fossil cast they were actually making. Claire was thrilled to find out she had made a sabre-tooth tiger tooth:
IMG_0478 copy

Ren was equally thrilled with his therapod claw:

IMG_0488 copy

And then we were off on our Dino-site Hike, where we were led to a special area in the badlands to prospect for fossils.

IMG_0512 copy

After a short introduction about what different types of fossils, look like, we were off! The funny thing about the kids is that they thought every rock was special! Claire was constantly running over to our guide to ask if she had found a fossil (even though Paul and I were pretty sure it wasn’t!).

IMG_0536 copy
IMG_0530 copy


IMG_0558 copy

By the time the Dino-site Hike was done, we had already been at the museum for nearly six hours. The kids wanted to stay even longer but we knew we wanted to take in a couple more things before we headed back home. After a quick stop at a suspension bridge …

IMG_0586 copy

… we arrived at the Hoodoos, the craziest formations ever:

IMG_0589 copy

The actual Hoodoos are cordoned off for preservation but the entire area around them is open for climbing. The kids claim that this was better than any playground they’ve ever played in!

IMG_0594 copy

I have to agree! The kids, Paul and I had a great time climbing here. And the scenery was amazing especially in the golden hours of evening.

IMG_0621 copy


IMG_0616 copy


IMG_0634 copy


IMG_0639 cropped

How is it that my family – the three people that mean the whole world to me – look so small??

IMG_0642 copy


IMG_0680 copy


IMG_0767 copy

All too soon, night began to fall and it was time for our three and a half hour drive home. The kids were sad to leave the Hoodoos and Drumheller in general. They made us promise we’ll return every year and stay a couple of days at least each time. After such an incredible day with our kiddos, how could we say no?

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