A Bridal Tea Party

Claire is honoured to be a flower girl in Chrissy and Stu’s wedding next month. She and Cora, a sweet four-year old niece of Chrissy’s, will walk down the aisle holding on to the hands of little Gabby, who is only two years old.

As a thank you to the flower girls and to provide a chance for them to meet, Chrissy hosted a tea party for them on Sunday at my house. Isn’t that a great idea?  Little Gabby’s wasn’t able to attend but Cora, her mom and two bridesmaids made it, making a total of 7 for tea. And it was lovely!

Chrissy provided the inspiration with the idea, the tea cups and saucers and beautiful sweets from the Duchess Bake Shop.  I provided the venue, the decorations and some sandwiches, while Mary, the matron of honour, took care of the activities and brought the most beautiful “tray” ever from Edible Arrangements.

I’m getting great mileage out of my wedding veil! Here I used it for a welcome type of arrangement on our front door, along with a thrift-store tea cup, some roses and a tray from IKEA.

IMG_8142 copy1

Chrissy found the most beautiful tea cups and saucers. Claire and I made little butterfly name cards for each tea cup.

IMG_8158 copy

Before the party, Chrissy had mentioned hoping to find an affordable little cake / sandwich stand for the tea party. I’m not sure if this is what she had in mind but this is what Paul and I came up:

IMG_8200 copy


IMG_8189 copy


IMG_8208 copy

I include Paul in that because we made them! I ordered the hardware online for a very good price with negligible shipping costs and found fifty cent plates, saucers and cups at a thrift shop. I was doing great expense-wise until Paul had to buy a new $18 diamond drill bit. Oops. Factor in the cost of a professional engineer (Paul – not that he charged!) for one hours’ work and I suppose my great DIY plan wasn’t so cost-effective after all! LOL

IMG_8282 copy

To reinforce the “flower girl” concept, I used a bunch of flower petals I already had (from the dollar store, I think) and tacked them onto a tablecloth with one stitch each.

IMG_8162 copy

Chrissy’s friend Mary doesn’t consider herself crafty but omigoodness, she came up with the most perfect crafts with gorgeous materials. The first was to create fascinators for the tea party. I love how Mary incorporated the bridal party colours; the bridesmaids are going to be wearing aubergine (a deep purple) while the flower girls will be wearing orange.


I’m going to pack Claire’s fascinator along to the wedding to wear after formal pictures are done.

Once Cora arrived, the girls had a little time to swing while we ladies chatted.

IMG_8267 copy


IMG_8269 copy

And then tea was served!

IMG_8154 copy cropped


IMG_8291 copy


IMG_8295 copy


IMG_8309 copy

Cora especially liked the chocolate-dipped strawberries from the arrangement. I liked how she had a cute chocolate mouth for a while after!

IMG_8310 copy


IMG_8315 copy


IMG_8321 copycropped


IMG_8332 copy


IMG_8336 copy

It wasn’t long before Cora and Claire were fast friends. I think they’ll have a lot of fun together at the wedding, and I can’t thank Chrissy enough for thinking of getting them together like this beforehand. Very smart call, Chrissy!

IMG_8339 copy

Following tea, we went inside for the next activity: making bracelets for the flower girls to wear at the wedding. Mary had an astoundingly beautiful selection of beads and we were all invited to create something fabulous. And then a very special activity just for the flower girls: making pins with blue crystals that Chrissy will have with her on the wedding day as her “something blue”.

bead activities

Wonderful idea, Mary! If that weren’t enough excitement for the girls, Chrissy topped it off with presents for them: fancy silver-handled make-up brushes, adorable little tea sets to remember the day by, and a book for each of them about being a flower girl.

IMG_8449 copy


IMG_8465 copy


IMG_8474 copy


IMG_8485 copy

I know Claire was completely thrilled with her presents from Chrissy and the day in general. It ended beautifully with another little session out on the swings. Sometimes the girls swung by themselves, sometimes Claire pushed Cora, and sometimes Chrissy pushed both girls at once. I think the latter arrangement, although tiring for Chrissy, was the girls’ favourite!!

IMG_8649 copy


IMG_8540 copy


IMG_8571 copy


princesses swinging

Chrissy, thank you for making Claire and Cora feel like princesses. I know that this day, along with YOUR big day, will be forever etched in their hearts and minds.

IMG_8377 copy address obscured for online2



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