Little talks

I’m missing my kiddos this week. They are in Saskatoon with Paul’s parents having a ball from the sounds of it. Meanwhile, Paul is working and I’m running around here getting things done from my long to-do list.

In their absence, I thought I’d post a few little things they’ve said in the past while that I’ve been jotting down …

One night as we were watching a veterinarian show on TV, I explained what a caesarean is because a little beagle had to have an emergency C-section. (I’d already introduced the basics of childbirth in other conversations.) We then proceeded to watch the Vet cut an incision lengthwise down the little beagle’s belly.

Suddenly Claire exclaimed, “Aha! Now I get it! Ren had a caesarean!” (Ren has a very long and thick scar on his abdomen from surgery.)

Before I even had a chance to address Claire’s confusion, Ren jumped up with great animation and cried jokingly, “I’m pregnant??!! Get me to the hospital!”.


The other day as we were preparing to leave the house for a couple of hours, I asked everyone to make a quick trip to the bathroom just to be on the safe side. I always do this; it’s totally routine for us. Nevertheless, Ren often pouts about it (even though he does soon release a steady stream!!) because HE wants to be in charge of such things, not me.

In response to his pouting that day, I reminded him, “Ren, you know the rules”.

Claire, who was already done and waiting for us at the front door, overheard (or should I say ‘misheard’) and yelled out, “Yeah Ren, peeing rules!”


At dinner one day …

Claire: “Mom?”
Me: “Yes?”
Claire: “Don’t let me get married until I’m 31, okay?”
Me: “Sure. Sounds good. But why did you choose that age?”
Claire: “Because I like our home and I want to live here a long time with you”.


A million times a day …

Ren: “Mom, I will tell you something …”


Instead of “I’m serious”, Claire will say, “I’m true!”


When  Claire is mad at Ren, he becomes “RENN – a”.


Instead of saying “change the subject”, Ren says “turn the page”; when acting out little skits for us, instead of saying “new scene”, Ren says “new chapter”.


Ren: “Wouldn’t it be cute if Kitsya [our cat] was a race car driver / pirate / plumber / dog whisperer / etc.” (He suggests something different every day or two!)


Claire, throwing the ball to Paul during a game of catch: “Feel the heat!”


One day the kids were asking whether a young couple we know will have children. To protect the innocent, let’s call the couple Fred and Wilma …

Claire: “Will Fred and Wilma have kids?”
Me: “I think they want to.”
Claire: “Will they have their babies by birth or adoption?”
Me: “I think they will try to have them by birth.”


Claire, with deadly seriousness and a hint of terror :” Does Wilma want Fred to do that thing to her to get her pregnant?”

A short while later after some clarification regarding … um, the general willingness of participants in the process, Claire said with great conviction: “Well, I won’t let me husband do that to me.  Nope. No way. Not ever. I mean, we’ll get married and stuff and I’ll let him kiss me that but that’s it!”


Claire: “Oh, I know, I have a great idea! Instead of doing that thing with him, I’ll get him a present!”

With equal seriousness Ren then piped up: “Yeah, you could get him a toilet!”

(Why that item crossed his mind, I have no idea!)


Claire, after hearing the term “drunk driver” on the radio: “Mom, what does ‘drunk’ mean?”

After I explained, Claire stated, “Daddy doesn’t get drunk, even though he drinks wine”.

Me: “That’s right, honey. He doesn’t drink that much.” 

Claire: “Yeah. Good thing he only drinks 2 or 3 bottles of wine a night”.

Me, trying not to laugh: “Glasses, honey, glasses. Not bottles!”


Cheers, friends! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far!

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  • That is so cute. I was going to comment about how Claire will change her mind about moving out very soon… And then I read the rest and she will change her mind on that soon too! Enjoy the innocence!ReplyCancel

  • I'm dying over here. That Claire one is SOOOO funny! red and Wilma… LOL! I'm not sure I'll ever forget that one! And Ren, he just comes up with the craziest stuff. They must keep you in stitches all day long.

    Thank you for making my day!ReplyCancel

  • Too funny those two! RAe gives me a hard time about too much info to my kid but mine doesn't know about that thing yet! Maybe Ren and Ava would make a good pair – she prefaces everything with 'I have something to tell you'. I've told her a million times just to say it b/c sometimes by the time she says that, she forgets what it was she wanted to say!ReplyCancel

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