Activities are wrapping up!

Ah, summer holidays are so close now! While school continues for one more week, at least we are now done all of our activities: wrestling (Ren), karate (both kids), dance (Claire), violin (Claire) and guitar (Ren). Oh wait, I “spoke” too soon: we still have one more swimming class (both kids). 

Ren’s guitar lessons wrapped up yesterday for the season, although we will be taking three lessons this summer basically for maintenance purposes. Ren’s teacher, Dayle, is very pleased with how he has done this years, as am I.

Guitar man

I suspect he may not be naturally gifted in music (he rarely sings or hums, and rhythms do not come easy to him) but he definitely has a strong work ethic on his side.

guitar man 2

He’s worked very hard and I’m proud to see how far he’s come. We do struggle with posture, though! In addition to sometimes leaning back, he also has a tendency to rest his chubby cheek on the guitar when he’s checking the placement of his fingers on the frets. I know it’s not proper but I think it’s pretty cute.

cheek rest 2

Earlier this month, he and his guitar teacher did a presentation to his Kindergarten class as part of music appreciation. His teacher did most of the talking but Ren had to play several songs alone as well as with his teacher. He was nervous but he did great. For days afterwards, Ren told me how two girls in particular kept telling him what a good job he did. He’s already a rock star! I didn’t take photos but I did take a video of the entire thing. If I get around to editing it into a shorter clip in the next while, I’ll try to post it.

In anticipation of his last guitar lesson yesterday, Ren made a card for Dayle. I always thoroughly enjoy Ren’s art but the drawings in this card are some of my favourites for sure.

The front cover:

Moose drawing

 And the back:

beaver drawing

Yes, that’s a moose and a beaver playing guitar.

He took more of a stick-figure approach for the inside of the card but totally cracked me up with a comment he made:

inside of card

Ren’s an original, no doubt about it!

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  • Love his card for his guitar teacher. Sounds like you keep pretty busy during the year! I am also glad that things are wrapping up and we get some time off from everything! By August I will likely be ready for a schedule again!ReplyCancel

  • Rae

    Love the 2nd photo, Ren looks like a serious guitar player!ReplyCancel

  • Too precious! Would love to hear a performance!ReplyCancel

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