First visit of the season to Fort Edmonton Park

Fort Ed opened for the season a couple of weeks ago and we finally made it there on Sunday. It’s harder to fit things like this in now that Claire is in school all day! I can see that visits to favourite haunts like this will become fewer and farther between as the kids get older.

We took in most of our favourites yesterday …

The ferris wheel:

IMG_0281 copy1

The fishing pond:

IMG_0285 copy

The carousel:

IMG_0297 copy

Ice cream:

IMG_0426 copy

Pony rides:

IMG_0737 copy
IMG_0739 copy

A stop at the playground:

IMG_0619 copy

A stop at the bakery (not shown)

And one activity we had never done here before … mini golf!

IMG_0442 copy

When I was young, my dad built a mini-golf course in our home town and I worked there in the summers. I wish we had pictures of it and all the cute little fairways he created. This one at the park is pretty basic but was still a fun introduction to mini-golf for the kids. Ren loved it from the moment he stepped onto the course. “This is soooo cool!”, he exclaimed repeatedly.

IMG_0458 copy
IMG_0459 copy
IMG_0471 copy

Ren was a pretty good little golfer! Claire on the other hand did not want to learn how to hold the club properly! Instead, she positioned herself as if she were playing hockey and, when we weren’t paying close attention, would guide the ball into the hole with her club. What a stinker.

Some of my favourite moments of the day occurred when the kids were playing with their prizes from the fishing pond. Ren chose an orange snake:

IMG_0287 copy

He loved it so much that he kept kissing it!

IMG_0366 copy
IMG_0361 copy

Claire chose a yo-yo. In order to allow the yo-yo to roll out fully, she had to stand on something to give her some height.

IMG_0321 copy

Look at her proud smile the moment she caught the yo-yo on its upswing!

IMG_0320 copy

The kids love Fort Ed for all the great activities and treats there. I love Fort Ed for the beautiful textures and colours everywhere, which make lovely and natural backdrops for close-ups of my sweeties.

IMG_0691 copy

I love the photo of Ren above because you can see his two bottom adult teeth coming in. I love this next one simply because it shows Ren being his handsome (if serious) self.

IMG_0515 cropped

Seriously, that boy is gonna be a heartbreaker someday.

Our dear Claire is a little too much into posing with a forced smile these days. But I managed to capture an image I love in a brief moment of rest.

IMG_0485 copy2

I’ve been taking photos of my kiddos at Fort Ed for years now; someday soon I’ll have to gather a bunch into one post and see how my little ones have grown through the years and how their activities there have changed.

For now, I’ll leave you with this cuteness …

IMG_0385 copy
IMG_0406 copy
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  • Wow! Love all the pics, Monica! Claire looks really different with her hair longer. Kennedy has been planning to get her hair cut " just like Claire's (as she remembers it from last summer). Wonder what she'll think now!ReplyCancel

  • This comment has been removed by the author.ReplyCancel

  • As the all time Kehrig Champion of Mini-Golf I will take no mercy on Ren when he inevitably challenges me for my title. Think of it as character building.

    BTW – Great pictures as usual.ReplyCancel

  • Oh what a wonderful day…it is amazing to see how much these two have grown!ReplyCancel

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