The Onion Farmer

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I get such a kick out of Ren sometimes. The other day as the four of us were driving somewhere, Paul asked Ren if he’d like to make cheese or raise cows for milk when he is older since he loves dairy products so much. Ren’s response? A vehement “No!”.
Upon asking why, Ren gave a very logical but unexpected response: “Because I wouldn’t get any work done. I’d be too busy eating!”
And then he really cracked us up with his next statement … “Maybe I could be an onion farmer … I hate onions!”. We had to agree, that probably would be a more profitable venture for him!!
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More posts to follow soon; I finally completed a bunch of stuff that was keeping me away from blogging. Stay tuned!

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  • Well I am excited to see what you have been doing…

    That's a smart boy! Although, I think cheese would be much more interesting than onions!

    He is a gorgeous boy!ReplyCancel

  • WOW that Ren is such a deep thinker! So very funny, but it all makes perfect sense when you follow his logic.
    And the party prep…not even going there! I'm just going to refer to you as Martha from now on:) I'll be lucky if I survive getting my report cards done for Fri and prepping for Ava's minute to win it little party, with no theme and a super easy cake!ReplyCancel

  • I love Ren's logic…deep thinker!ReplyCancel

  • So logical! He's a smart AND very handsome boy!


  • Rae

    Good thinking, Ren!

    In that sweater I think Ren looks like he should be an author. Or the owner of a lovely bookstore filled with old, leather-bound volumes. 🙂


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