The dentist

Well, this mama’s heart got a bit of a reprieve: Claire didn’t get her baby tooth pulled (yet). The dentist said that he will wait for the new permanent tooth to match the height of the baby tooth before the baby tooth must come out. Maybe it’ll still come out on its own?

Although the trip to the dentist was uneventful in that regard, there was a lot of action on other fronts. Both kids needed fillings. Claire had a filling re-done and this time, the dentist had to go a lot deeper which meant … freezing. Thankfully, Claire didn’t even realize it though! And she still doesn’t, so shhhhh!!

Ren needed two fillings, unfortunately. They are on six-year molars that aren’t even in all the way yet. When the dentist first saw Ren’s molars coming in, he asked if he had been sick a lot as a baby / toddler. I explained that yes, he had several surgeries as a baby and then as a toddler. Apparently, that explains why his molars aren’t very healthy; the body likely diverted the vitamins and minerals to the areas under stress instead of utilizing them fully for those teeth.

Both kids also got their six-year molars (that is, the ones that are fully in) sealed to prevent further cavities.

And last but not least, Claire got her cross-bite appliance. I would never have guessed it but she loves it! It does make her talk with a bit of a lisp but she doesn’t mind in the slightest. She even hates having to take it out to eat and drink! I’m glad she’s such a great sport about it because I can imagine the hassle otherwise. I don’t have pics yet of her with her appliance in other than those at the dentists’ office but I’ll be sure to take some soon!

Oh my, there’s the drill!

The dentist 063 copy bw

While the dentist worked on Claire, Ren lounged in his nearby chair and watched the TV on the ceiling. Ah, life is good (for now!).

The dentist 032 copy bw
And back to Claire: 
The dentist 071 copy
Finally, Claire was done and she proudly ran over to Ren’s chair and showed off her new appliance:
The dentist 081 copy bw

She had a hard time competing with the TV for his attention.

The dentist 083 copy bw

And then it was Ren’s turn. He too was a model patient but mostly because he was fully engrossed in his TV show still.   
The dentist 097 copy bw

The dentist 072 copy bw

I’m surprised and delighted that both kids love to visit the dentist! If only immunizations were so easy …

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  • Way to go you guys! Super that Claire still has some time. Good to know we're not the only ones with fillings! Ava will have hers sealed sometime in the next year as well.ReplyCancel

  • Rae

    Such brave kids! Clare and Ren, you will have to tell Bryn that the dentist isn't so bad. She still hasn't had a filling but I'm sure her turn is coming soon and I'm not looking forward to that day.

    Great job kiddos!

  • Oh wow…these two are dentist champs..I am in awe!ReplyCancel

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