Skating with Auntie

My sister-in-law, Sylvie, is a high performance skating coach. She was in town for work last week and we had the pleasure of spending a day with her before she returned home. High on our list of priorities? Going skating …

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Claire and Ren took their first skating lessons this fall. Before that we had only been out a few times with little success! With Auntie last week, Claire just soaked up all the instruction. In only an hour, Auntie had her beginning simple spins, doing bunny hops and working on cross-cuts. They even choreographed and performed a little routine together. 

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As for Rennie, well, he was more interested in getting rides from Auntie and pretending she was a robber that he had to catch. When he got tired or bored, he sat on the side of the little rink and played with the snow.

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Oh, if only Sylvie lived in our city! Claire would have her very own coach!

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Thank you, Syvlie, for an awesome day together! xoxo

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  • Claire just might be a perfect candidate for figure skating! Love that rink!ReplyCancel

  • How very cool. I know a little friend who would be right there with Claire! LOL Ren cracks me up!
    Love that last pic.ReplyCancel

  • My crossovers left are not so good. Next time she is doing lessons I want in.ReplyCancel

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