A special Christmas tradition

Good friends Marianne and Rod had us over in December to decorate a gingerbread house.

PicMonkey Collage gingerbread

Now, I should back up a bit. Our very first Christmas with Claire, Marianne invited us over and created the most amazing gingerbread house and family for Claire to decorate. And decorate she did, but mostly she just ate, licked, tasted and got a sugar-high while I decorated along with my mom who was in town at the time.

Every year, we continued to receive this fabulous invitation from Marianne and Rod. Ren’s first year decorating the house was in 2009, his first Christmas with us.

And unbelievably, last month actually marked our sixth annual gingerbread house decorating day with Marianne and Rod. We are so blessed to have such good friends who just love to spoil our kiddos with love and attention. And candy; I can’t forget the candy.

Here’s a shot of the kids wearing their aprons from Marianne and Rod (given to them their first year decorating). We are just about to head over to their house, but doesn’t it look like Claire and Ren already have major sugar-highs? Crazy kids …

Gingerbread house 023 copy

Here’s a pic of this year’s setup:

Gingerbread house 049 copy

Every year, Marianne finds different candies or embellishments to make
the decorating unique from year to year.
And just look at our lovely little family, including our cat, Kitsya:

Gingerbread house 051 copy

Ready, set, go!

Gingerbread house 046 copy

Gingerbread house 115 copy

Gingerbread house 090 copy

Gingerbread house 112 copy


Gingerbread house 136 copy

Gingerbread house 184 copy

As we worked, it became evident that the kids wanted to use (or consume) every single piece of candy or sprinkle on the table. I must say, the decoration this year was somewhat lacking in overall design but it made up for it in weight! That was one heavy house to take home!

Gingerbread house 143 copy

Claire kept count of the containers as we emptied them:

Gingerbread house 202 copy
 And all of a sudden, all of the containers were empty and the house was done!

Gingerbread house 216 copy

Marianne and Rod, thank you very much for this sweet tradition. The children love it dearly and
I know they will always remember this annual event fondly. As for me, I treasure it too, despite having to go home with kooky kids afterward.
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  • Marianne & Rod are every childs dream friends!! WoW! What a spread.. of candy!!!

    The kids sure made that house look delcious! 🙂 And that last photo, Ren definitely looks like he is coming off the sugar high! Heh!

    What an amazing tradition, love it!

  • Looks like a wonderful project! How long did it take them to come down from the sugar high?ReplyCancel

  • Rae

    Wow! What a great gingerbread house. I don't think I've ever seen one with quite that much candy on it, but it looks amazing!
    Great job, Claire and Ren.ReplyCancel

  • Just love looking at these pictures….what a great evening indeed. It is such a pleasure for us to host this " event". Each year is unique and more fun than the last as we watch the children grow into two happy and blessed individuals. The laughter and joy are treasured throughout the year!ReplyCancel

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