T-Ren and Clairadactyl

Can you guess the theme for Ren’s 6th birthday?

pic invite 3 blog ready

Oh yes, it’s dinosaurs this year!

Well, once again, thank God for Pinterest where there was a plethora of ideas for a kids’ dino party. I should cite all of my sources but honestly, there are so many of them and I’m sure that I didn’t even pin a few of the ideas I used. But suffice it to say, they are all there and are easily searchable!

Once all the planning was done, we were on to the preparations! Ren had a lot of fun picking out loot bag items with me, although I know he had a hard time parting with a few of the items!


He also helped me pack them up.

prepping loot bags

Claire really helped a lot with the food prep. She took the lead on making the dino bones: stick pretzels with small marshmallows on each end which are then dipped entirely in white chocolate. Claire worked so hard on these and it totally paid off – they were a huge hit at the party!

dino bones collage

Other food items included lava jello (another hit!), dino claws (Bugles), brontosaurus bites (veggies and dip), good ol’ meat for the carnivores and jungle juice. Pteradactyl wings (chicken wings) were planned but taken off the menu at the last minute because there was already plenty o’ food for the kids. Finally, everything was ready and we were ready for guests to arrive!

PicMonkey Collage



And arrive they did! In no time, our house was filled with nine kids and a few adults. Claire applied dino tattoos as our guests arrived. Look at how sweetly Ren is looking at Sun in the photo below:


And then we were on to the games! First off was a little game involving dinosaur chopsticks (the training kind), marbles and two bowls. The kids had to use the dino chopsticks to move the dino eggs (marbles) from the grass (green bowls) where they were exposed to predators to cozy, safe little nests (brown bowls). Once they had that downpat, they were ready for the next challenge: relocating the eggs from the “grass” on one end of the room to the “nest” on the other, without dropping the egg! Yet another challenge was added with the rollout of a tunnel they had to crawl through, all the while still holding their marble in the chopsticks.

Dinosaur egg save collage

Next up was “Hot Lava Rock” (aka Hot Potato). Was “Lava Rock” the right term? Hmmm, maybe it was supposed to be magma? You’d think with all my internet planning I might have taken a moment to check that. But no matter, we went with “Hot Lava Rock” and so it shall remain here.





lava rock

And finally, the good ole party standby, with the requisite dino-twist:

Stick the tail on the t-rex collage

By the time we were done with the games, the kids just wanted to play. I had another activity lined up – little fossil kits – but we followed the kids’ cues and sent the fossil kits home with them instead so that they could just check out Ren’s toys together.

Until, of course, it was time for cake. Ren asked for an ice cream cake this year which took me off the hook for baking. (I do like to bake but I really can’t manage a stellar cake and all sorts of cute munchies for the same event!) So out came Ren’s ice cream cake:


And we all sang to him, first in Mandarin and then in English. His first attempt to blow-out the six candles was 100% successful, despite how it appears in the photo below (I must have snapped the pic mid-breath).

birthday cake diptych

As Ren’s final guests departed, he turned to us and declared that this was his best birthday ever. Just what every parent wants to hear!

We are so happy he enjoyed his party, especially since it was his first with his very own friends (not adult friends or friends he got to know through Claire). We are grateful to all those friends and their families for making it such a special day for our boy. Happy Birthday, T-Ren! We love you!


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  • Not showing Ava that party – seriously cool! Those poor kids won't ever think any other party is as fun I'm sure! Where on earth did you find all that dino stuff? Lucky boy that Ren, and so handsome too. Just have to put that in there every time.ReplyCancel

  • What a great party! I would love to know where you got the wall decal…

    I think you should go into business!ReplyCancel

  • Rae

    What a wonderful theme for a 6-year-old boy! Bryn thought it was totally cool. Love all the dino stuff you managed to hunt down, you deserve a party show on TV. 🙂
    Happy Birthday to T-Ren!ReplyCancel

  • Oh Monica, you did it again! What an amazing party, I think T-Ren is going to remember that for a long long time.

    Awesome! And Happy Birthday to your big boy!


  • Looks like a great time was had by all the Dino's big and small ….roar!!!! Ren's smile says it all!ReplyCancel

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