Green Gables and more

Our day for Green Gables was a grey and wet one, with sprinkly showers off and on. I think I had built up this visit in my mind quite a bit … right down to imagining what outfits would fit in nicely with the site! But alas, the pretty outfits I had originally chosen for the day just didn’t fit the weather! We honestly didn’t spend a lot of time at Green Gables – a couple of hours at most.

Green gables 1
We’re almost there!

Green gables 4

Green gables 5
Ren loved Matthew’s carriage
Green gables 11 Anne
“Anne’s” room

Green gables 10 puffed sleeves dress
Dress with puffed sleeves from Matthew

Green gables 12 broken slate
Broken slate (from hitting it over Gilbert’s head!)

Green gables 13 Marilla
Marilla’s bedside table (note the brooch)
Green gables 6 Matthews hat
Matthew’s room
Green gables 7 raspberry cordial
Raspberry cordial on the shelf exactly where Anne was told to look

Green gables 8

I wasn’t planning to tell the kids that one of the trails we were going to explore is called “the Haunted Wood” but one of the interpreters told them. Claire and Ren paid close attention to that! They knew exactly which path it was. Claire is pointing to the path in the first photo in the collage below. Both kids were extremely reluctant to venture into the woods but Paul came up with a great trick to get them moving: he told them that whoever was last on the path was ghost bait! I happily took the last spot on the path while our little ones kept up a good pace on our walk.

ghost bait collage

And then, Lovers Lane. Claire and Ren took the next few pictures of us, which I shall refer to as the Lovers Lane Series.

portrait by Claire
First photo of Daddy as Mama gives a bit of instruction.

portrait of m and d by Claire

portrait by Ren

I really wanted to do some touch-ups on myself in these photos (wrinkle remover, anyone?!) but I left them alone since they are Claire and Ren’s images – not mine.

As much as I wanted to see Green Gables, I have to admit that it wasn’t the highlight of our trip. It was meaningful for me, but perhaps not for the rest of my family. I think we all had more fun visiting with friends or exploring, as we did that afternoon.

Paul and I really enjoyed driving around the island and seeing how different it could be from one place to the next: from ocean views to rolling hills to potato or dairy farms. All the little towns are so close together that you are able to check off a bunch of places on the map pretty quickly! We did have a few specific places we wanted to go, but we also let our curiousity take us off in a few directions.

We made a special point of going down this road and stopping for a quick photo op:

Rennies Road

This next place in Hunter River was a total surprise to us. I hadn’t mapped it out or anything but it caught my attention as we drove past:

The mill 2 mk
The grist mill in Hunter River

The mill 1 mk

Isn’t it gorgeous? It was originally a grist mill, used to grind clean grains into flour.  According to information I found online, it dates back to the late 1800’s. The current owners purchased it in 2003 and undertook substantial renovations. The covered bridge is not original from what I understand. I believe it was added in 2007, which is hard to believe from how well it fits with the mill.

After a bit of meandering, we arrived at one of our planned destinations:

Island Winds 1

Island Winds is a small PEI company that makes beautiful wind chimes in a restored barn. The chimes are all tuned to a certain key. We ended up purchasing one that is tuned to the key of G minor. The wind chimes are sold throughout the island in different shops but I didn’t want to miss the chance to see where and how they are actually made.

Island Winds 3

Island Winds 5

Island Winds 4

Island Winds 2

Now, whenever I hear our wind chime I’ll be reminded of the beautiul island we visited this summer.

A date with the Clows for a lobster supper took us next to New Glasgow. This little area completely charmed both Paul and me. The scenery was just so beautiful, with lovely homes tucked into rolling hills and a river running through the town. I don’t have any photos that do it justice.

Before meeting for supper, we checked a couple more places off our list of things to see: the toy factory there (where the kids spent their money on plastic toys NOT made in PEI – sigh!) and the preserve company where they make the most delish jams and other yummy things.

And then on to supper to see our friends! Church suppers are a tradition on the island dating back several decades. We chose the one at New Glasgow but there are a few others on the island that are supposed to be very good too. You choose your entree (Paul, Claire and I chose lobster, while Ren chose ham), and are served that along with unlimited helpings of yummy rolls, clam chowder, salad and mussels. Let me just say, I was too busy eating to take many photos! (And the ones I did take aren’t the greatest – I think my focus was elsewhere!). But even without photos, we will easily remember this event shared with our good friends.

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  • Such a charming place!

    I just saw the play Anne of Green Gables and fell in love with the story all over again… I bet Claire will remember visiting Anne's home, in a couple of years when she reads the story, and it will have more meaning for her then!ReplyCancel

  • Oh I LOVE Anne's room. So dreamy! And the portraits on lovers lane, they are so special! Such special memories you are capturing!

    These stories are the best, I was in love with Anne when I was a child, she reminded me a bit of myself, must have been the red hair! Haha!


  • Rae

    This makes me want to read all of the Anne books again. It also makes me want to visit PEI. Everything looks so lovely.
    Great photos of you and Paul on Lover's Lane!

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