We spent our last couple of days on PEI in Charlottetown. There is so much history there but we didn’t take much of that in – the kids are just not interested in some things! 

First things first, we had to visit both Cows locations in Charlottetown to find Ren his shirt. Cows has all sorts of funny t-shirts and the one Ren wanted was “The Amooozing Cowman” (with a cow dressed up like Spiderman). We kept seeing it at other Cows location but never in his size. Finally, we located it at our second stop in Charlottetown – hooray! (No pictures of when we actually got the shirt because we also got ice cream – again – and we were too busy for photos!).


With all that walking to and fro, Paul ended up having to carry Claire for a bit. She had insisted that morning on wearing her flip-flops despite my advice that they weren’t practical!

Claire and Daddy

Well, this is a good place to sit for awhile!

Claire Ren and John
Claire and Ren have a word with the Father of Confederation

Checking out the boats in the harbour:


That evening, we went to the an amazing restaurant called Lot 30 (very highly rated on Trip Advisor). I was a little apprehensive about going there, not because my kids don’t behave well in restaurants, but because the staff and other diners may not welcome kids there. But my concerns were unfounded. Even though it is pretty much an adult type of place, our kids were warmly welcomed. And hooray, they liked the food too! It was an awesome night full of great conversation and art (the kids always have their sketch books with them), and incredibly yummy food. I left our camera behind at the hotel so no pictures. By this time on any trip, I start to get photo fatigue.

The next day we started off for the harbour for a lobster fishing boat adventure that I had booked weeks in advance. The kids took their lobster stuffies with them, despite the stuffies’ apprehension about the tour.

Lobster trap chair
Ren and Lobstery in a trap chair

We were super-excited for this excursion but I made sure to warn the kids that it could be cancelled if the weather wasn’t favourable. When we headed out that morning, we realized it was very windy and I suspected that the tour wouldn’t happen after all. Sure enough, the captain greeted us and broke the news to us: the tour was cancelled. (He had actually been trying to reach me the night before as well but the messages weren’t getting through.) Were the kids disappointed? Yes, but with their love for their new stuffie lobsters, they found the silver lining: no lobsters would be caught today (well, at least not in front of us)!

lobster tour collage text

Stay tuned for one last PEI post of our visit with the Clows that afternoon.

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  • Anonymous

    Too bad your lobster trapping adventure was cancelled but hopefully all the trips to Cows made up for it. 🙂

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