Back to PEI: Cavendish Beach

After our clam-digging experience, we headed back to Cavendish. Since there was a bit of daylight left, we decided to stop at Cavendish Beach for a little while.

I’m so glad we did! We were greeted on the road to the beach by a cute little fox who sat and looked at us (we were in our van) for the longest time. Once we got to the beach, I couldn’t believe how loud the pounding surf was.  It was a super-windy night but it was still wonderful to be there. We stayed as the sun went down and it was just the most gorgeous thing, as the golden sun reflected off of the red cliffs and sand. Everything became so colourful.  To top the evening off, a rainbow appeared in the sky just as we were leaving!

Cavendish beach collage
Sunset at Cavendish 2 mk
Sunset at Cavendish 4 mk
Sunset at Cavendish 3 mk

Sunset at Cavendish mk

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