Another reunion (albeit a mini one)!

Beautiful Elizabeth, a.k.a. Eli, is one of Claire’s Xinyu sisters:


We met her family, Mom Aggie, Dad Rob, and big sister Kate, on our adoption trip for Claire back in 2007. Kate was just three then – almost four – and now she is nine. And Eli … she was one of the most fragile babies in our group. She soon began to thrive in Aggie and Rob’s care, and is now a robust six-year old, the tallest of all our Xinyu girls.

Aggie had a meeting in Edmonton this weekend so she and Rob used it as an opportunity for a little reunion with us and the H family (Beth, James, Helena and Xinyu gal, Ava). We spent a fantastic day at the H’s house where we were treated to their house specialty: pizza from their outdoor brick oven that James made years ago. Not only that – we also got to enjoy one of their newer recipes, pretzel buns. Double yum!!! The next day we hung out at our place and our playground.

It was great to re-connect with Aggie, Rob and the girls. And it was fun to have all the dads at the playground with us – usually it’s just the moms! The kids all played like the best of friends. Thank you, Aggie and Rob, for making the trip to visit us! It’s definitely our turn now!

Ren and Ava tv
Hangin’ at Ava’s house
Helena and Ava 2
Helena and Ava atop the climbing rock
Ava at the rock wall
Ava is an awesome little climber! She is fearless!
Rock climbing terror
Ren is not quite so fearless. He is only about six inches from the ground here but from the look of sheer terror on his face, you’d never know it!
Helena and my kiddos
All the little kids love Ava’s big sis, Helena
Ava at the monkey bars
Right after Eli got all the way across the monkey bars, she told me that it was her first time all the way across! How lucky that I actually got a picture of her maiden journey!!

Eli on the monkey bars again
More monkeyin’ around …
Eli 2
atop the rock 2a
James climbed to the top of the climbing rock and Ava was only too happy to join him there.
Rob James and the girls
Rob provided some entertainment too!
Three Xinyu girls
Our three happy Xinyu girls

There are a few more photos in my Flickr set, here.

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  • How I love the connection you still have with these families… what a huge blessing!ReplyCancel

  • Rae

    Lucky you to have 2 reunions in less than a month! Sooo wish we could have been there. The kids look like they're having a super fun time. They've all grown so much!

  • Auntie Marlene


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