Afternoons, just me and my boy

Ren by the river 1 a

Every year, the kids’ schedules gets better and better. Now that both kids are at the same school, our schedule is considerably more streamlined than last year with all the different start and end times at schools 10 minutes away from each other.

Ren has settled really well into Kindergarten. It helps so much that he has his friend Sun there. I think she has become a bit of a security blanket to him, though! Hopefully he will eventually feel confident there without her always by his side. In the meantime, though, it is sweet to see the bond of friendship they have developed. He calls her “Honey”.

Now that Claire is in school morning and afternoon, I get some alone time with my boy five days a week. I am loving it! With my mornings free, I now have a good amount of time to do errands on my own, and to have quality time with Ren in the afternoon. He is good company, if not a little too chatty at times! He is also very patient with me and my camera.

Ren by the river 2 a

This past week we finally got some gorgeous fall weather so we enjoyed some time outside in the river valley. There wasn’t the best selection of leaves for collecting but Ren was happy anyway.

Ren by the river 4
Ren by the river 5

Ren has begun some exciting new activities this year but since I’m going to blog about those soon with accompanying photos, I won’t divulge them now! Suffice it to say that our boy puts the “Ren” in  the term Renaissance Man.

Ren by the river 7
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  • He sure is cute! It must be nice, now that your schedule is a little more calm, what will you do next year?!ReplyCancel

  • I bet you are loving this schedule! 🙂 Ren has such a lovely smile and that bokeh in all your photos, is delicious!!


  • Rae

    It's so nice you and Ren have some one-on-one time, I'm guessing he's enjoying every minute.
    He's such a handsome little man!

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