The Indy

I still have a lot of Saskatchewan photos to blog but I’ll catch up on that a bit later. I need to get back to blogging about our lives back in Edmonton! Starting with an adventure from a couple of weeks back that Daddy specifically requested …

Indy 005 copy indy

Paul loves watching racing on TV and has been to the Edmonton Indy in past years. But this time, he wanted to take his favourite people to the races. It was pretty cute how excited Paul was. The night before, he came home with special ear protection for the kiddos. I had thought we’d just try earplugs but of course these were far superior! Claire in particular loved them. She liked pretending that she was a singer / recording star and would “rock out” wearing them.

Paul splurged on Pit Walk and Paddock passes for us so that the kids could see some cool action up close.

Indy 029 copy
Indy 033 copy
Indy 035 copy

There’s a hairpin corner on the track where the cars really have to slow down. We liked watching the races there because you actually get to see the cars in motion for a few moments – they’re not mere blurs of colours like the rest of the time.

Indy 111 copy
indy grid
Indy 178 copy

Later that day as we were leaving the Indy, I looked over to see Ren kiss his Pit Walk and Paddock Pass bracelets. Paul missed that moment but I filled him in of course. Paul also told me about a moment he had with Ren while watching the races: Ren had tapped Paul on the shoulder and given him the thumbs-up sign.  It sounds like both my boys had a very special time at the races.

Indy 216 copy
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  • I would just know that this made Paul and Rens day!! I love Ren's shirt, he is so well coordinated with the theme!

    Claire, on the other hand, you might want to bring her to a concert!! …with her headphones. 🙂

    Love that Paul was so excited and wanted to bring the kids to something he loves. How special.


  • We have wanted to do this every year. I know our boys would love it. We just always seem to be on holidays!ReplyCancel

  • Marlene

    I bet they won't EVER forget this event! I especially love the ear covers.ReplyCancel

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