Fort Ed yet again

One beautiful day last week, we hung out at Fort Ed. We have annual passes and try to make good use of them by going regularly! The kids never tire of the attractions or simply wandering around there.

The carrousel horses are stunning. They are all handcarved and painted. I’ve never seen a more beautiful one. I think my kids are so lucky to have this part of their childhood.

closeup on horse
full length on horse
Ren is now officially too tall for one of the small kiddie rides; he was declined as they tried to board. In solidarity with her brother, Claire said she wouldn’t ride either. I’m glad they’ve enjoyed that particular ride many, many times before they (he) outgrew it.
One of the farmhouses on site has an old wooden swing in the yard: the kind that swings back and forth on its own little structure. My godparents had the same type of swing in their yard back in Saskatchewan and I loved swinging there as a kid.
swing 2
One of our regular stops is the schoolhouse. I always have to be a bossy and stern teacher! Doesn’t Ren look like a scared little student?
scared of school
But I guess my “scariness” wore off after awhile and he became bored:

bored at school
So off we went.
Ren was particularly hilarious that day. He saw a little boy trying to catch a chicken and thought he could do better. His strategy was to act like a chicken so as to blend in. Check out his chicken posture:
catch a chicken collage framed
He never did catch the chicken. After walking parallel to one for quite awhile, he was suddenly told off with a loud squawk by the once-friendly chicken. Ren didn’t seem too bothered.
funny smile
Following a pony ride, we hopped the steam train. I couldn’t help snapping more photos of Ren there. He was very photogenic that day!
train photo strip framed
And then we took advantage of yet another mode of transportation to get to the ice cream parlor.
streetcar ext

We had to wait awhile on the streetcar before going. I think Claire looked so sweet and pretty as she listened intently to the conductor tell about the history of its restoration.
Our last stop before heading home:
ice cream
Claire chose bubble gum flavour (yuck!) while Ren chose our mutual favourite, tiger tiger.

I can’t decide whether I like the following photo better in colour or in black and white.

tiger tiger bw
tiger tiger

As Ren ate his cone, I noticed his chin seemed a bit bumpy or irritated suddenly. I cleaned him up and didn’t think too much of it. However, soon after we got home (mere minutes from Fort Ed), we saw that he had little bumps all over his face, including his eyelids. His eyelids were also a little puffy and the whites of his eyes were reddish. His breathing was fine but it seemed like he was having some sort of allergic reaction. I watched him closely and thankfully it didn’t escalate so I didn’t take him in. Comic relief came a short while later:

Ren: I hope I’m not allergic to tiger-tiger ice cream. That would be ridiculous!

Claire: Ren, “ridiculous” is not the right word. (She didn’t offer a more suitable word but you could tell she was thinking!)

Funny how we all had our own concerns about the event: I was worried about a possible allergic reaction and how to respond, Ren was worried about being denied his favourite ice cream in the future and Claire was concerned about vocabularly. In any event, I’ll be sure to watch Ren closely next time he has an ice cream cone!
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  • Marlene

    Love the B&W ice cream portrait of Ren! And the chicken chasing collage! From Auntie Marlene.ReplyCancel

  • Looks like a wonderful day was had by all…love Ren's 'do' and I too hope that there is no allergy to the bestest icecream flavor!!!!ReplyCancel

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