Five funny faces

This past week, the kids were in a morning camp at our nearby community centre. The best part for me was that it was a two-minute walk to drop them off in the morning. The best part for them was that they had three very good friends in camp with them!

I really enjoyed those two and a half hours to myself every morning. Even though a good part of it was spent on house-cleaning and boring stuff like that, I did get a few extra things accomplished, like organizing closets, etc. and running to stores all by myself (oh, the joy!). One of my purchases this week was a little face-painting kit. Now, I am by no means an artist but I also know that it doesn’t take much artistry to make kids happy with a little face-paint.

Later that day, an owl appeared at our house:

funny faces 006

Followed by a pretty little butterfly:

funny faces 023

The next day when friends came over, a terrifying dragon appeared:

funny faces 033


Ah, but then some peaceful dolphins showed up:


And a few flowers too!

funny faces 035

I had to repaint Ren’s owl face and do a new image for Claire too. They didn’t turned out as well as the others – I think I was getting sloppier with each face that I painted!

Despite near daily forecasts for rain, the weather was awesome this week. After camp, we’d either have picnic lunches or eat at one of our homes. And then the kids would just play together for hours.  It was the perfect summer week.

funny faces 094 copy
funny faces 108 copy
funny faces 118 copy

A rare contemplative moment at the spray park:

funny faces 134 copy
funny faces 137 copy
funny faces 123 copy

This week coming up, we actually have no scheduled activities so far other than Kung Fu on Tuesday and Thursday. I think I’ll need to book a few appointments but for the most part, we’ll be able to just wake up each morning and decide then and there what our plans are for the day. I’m looking forward to a fun week alone with my kiddos.

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  • I personally think your artistic skills are incredible… face painting, photography, sewing, lemonade stand, birthday parties… you don't give yourself enough credit, Monica!

    Ahhh, going to the shops alone. It's that incredible!! 🙂 Have fun with the kids this week!

    I am SO missing being off with my girl this summer, but thinking ahead, I'll be off for another few years again, starting in three weeks and I'm beside myself excited!


  • You do have many talents. The face painting turned out great. Enjoy a fun week with your kids!ReplyCancel

  • Thx ladies, but you can see how rough my paintings were! You should try it out – it is surprisingly easy to impress kids this age!ReplyCancel

  • Marlene

    Love the face painting. Looks like camp was a fun time!!ReplyCancel

  • Rae

    Great face painting! They must have been quite the little group at the splash park!ReplyCancel

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