Beach time!

I’m now several days behind on my photos! It’s always a hard balance on vacation between keeping up with photos / blogging and just living in the moment.

The photos here are from Sunday. Our little family drove to Malpeque to enjoy world-famous oysters. We also checked out Cabot Beach, which is right there, knowing we’d be back later that day. The Clows joined us after lunch and we travelled together to Joanne and Sarah’s cottage. We checked out their beach for a short while and then drove to Cabot Beach where we settled in for the day.

PEI 3 001 copy
Beautiful Cabot Beach

PEI 3 031 copy
Searching for shells

 PEI 3 070 copy

PEI 3 140 copy
Climbing the dunes at Joanne’s beach

PEI 3 136 copy
PEI 3 150 copy
PEI 3 167 copy
Jumping waves … the island girls show our two how it’s done
PEI 3 173 copy
“Mama, will you hold my treasure bag?”

PEI 3 179cropped
PEI 3 182 copyPEI 3 193 copyPEI 3 217 copyPEI 3 223 copyPEI 3 233 copyPEI 3 266 copyPEI 3 268 copyPEI 3 302 copyPEI 3 323 copyPEI 3 328 copyPEI 3 332 copy

PEI 3 352 copy
Xinyu Sisters (printed by Kennedy) 
PEI 3 367 copy
After the Clows left, Paul got into the sand to play

PEI 3 371 copy

PEI 3 490 copy
Their fabulous sand castle
Claire created a little dance floor and proceeded to dance the night away …
PEI 3 563 copy
And then she moved on to cartwheels. She seems to think the higher the leg and the more pointed the toe, the better the cartwheel.
PEI 3 567 copy
I’m not so sure!
PEI 3 585 copy
Ever the little expert, she gives Ren some lessons.
PEI 3 435 copy
Sandy little hands means being hand-fed potato chips by Daddy or Mama.

PEI 3 508 copy
Goodbye Cabot Beach! We love you!
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  • Looks amazing, everytime I see that very red sand I feel like you would get dirty!! 🙂 Love Claire's dance floor and moves!!

    I get the feeling your guys are having a ball!


  • Rae

    Wow, what a beautiful beach. And beautiful photos of beautiful children. We're so glad you also have the chance to see Sarah and Joanne.
    Paul is an awesome sand castle builder!
    Enjoy every minute!ReplyCancel

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