Back to Saskatchewan …

Last year we spent a weekend in Regina with our good friends Kelley and Paul. They are Ren’s godparents and it was obvious last year how much the time at their house meant to our Renners. We just had to do it again this summer!

The weather wasn’t great but we managed a bit of time outside. Feeding some ducks and geese …

Saskatchewan 2012 541 copy

Exploring the sights, including a beautiful but somewhat stinky fountain:

Saskatchewan 2012 595 copy

Saskatchewan 2012 585 copy

And just enjoying some bonding time with the godparents:

Saskatchewan 2012 597 copy

I think Ren kinda adores his godfather!

Saskatchewan 2012 619 copy

Saskatchewan 2012 618 copy

Not to be outdone by Uncle Dorian and his fire hall visit, Kelley and Paul – both city police officers – arranged for the kids to hop into a police car.

Saskatchewan 2012 685 copy

Saskatchewan 2012 691 copy

While the kids thought the backseat of the cop car was a big attraction, Kelley shuddered at the thought; let’s just say she knows what kind of germs can be found there! But the policeman showing us the car assured us that the car had just been freshly cleaned with no backseat occupants since the cleaning. So into the back they went. Kelley surmised that Claire and Ren were probably the only people ever to be happy back there.

Saskatchewan 2012 706 copy

Back at Paul and Kelley’s home, Paul gifted the kids an important policeman accessory, albeit of the candy variety: mustaches!

mustache kids 2

mustache kids

The waxy candy could transform smiles in more ways than one! See Paul’s blacked-out tooth below:

mustache kids 4

Later, the boys cooked …

Saskatchewan 2012 626 copy

… while the girls visited. Claire’s godmother, Auntie Sylvie, was able to join us for the evening:

Saskatchewan 2012 621 copy

With such an action-packed weekend, the kids slept soundly each night. Ren was in heaven in an orange-walled room at their house. It was cute to peek in on the kids while they were sleeping. I thought this was a particularly sweet sight one morning:


A big thank you to Kelley and Paul for hosting another memorable weekend!

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  • It's obvious how special Ren and Claire are to Kelley and Paul and vice versa! You guys are so lucky to have friends with lots of connections! Looks like so much fun checking out that police car!ReplyCancel

  • It is special to have a connection like this! Love the photo of the kids sleeping!ReplyCancel

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  • Marlene

    Wonderful photo of Ren on his Godfather's shoulders. And I bet they loved riding in the police car — what memorable and FUN things to do!ReplyCancel

  • Rae

    First the fire hall and now a police car?! Claire and Ren have had quite the exciting summer. Yay for the special people in your kids' lives!ReplyCancel

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