Lazy days

We have had a few wonderful lazy days of summer but as of tomorrow, we are switching things up. First thing in the morning, the kids and I driving out to Saskatchewan for two weeks to visit friends and family. Paul will join us towards the end of our trip but for now, we’re all in “miss Daddy” mode. As I write this, he’s tucking the kids in which is usually my job. I should be packing but instead, I’m trying to cram a few more minutes in on the internet before it’s lost to me for 14 days. (I’ll have my iPhone but that’s it.)

The photos in this post are a bit varied and would ordinarily find themselves in individual posts but hey, I’ve got limited time! So here goes!

Lemonade Stand #2

Well, the one day that the kids could sell lemonade this weekend was Saturday and it was a gloriously warm, sunny day. But. There was no one around. No one. I mean, I knew it was the long weekend and all, but I thought there would at least be some people walking their dogs, heading to the park, etc. Nope. Wrong. The kids did their best to drum up business by waving to passing cars but a sell-out just wasn’t in the cards. That said, the people who did stop gave huge tips so I guess it wasn’t a total bust!

Since business was slow and the day hot, the kids were quick to help themselves to the lemonade. At least Ren pretended to pay for it in the photo below!

lemonade stand 2 020 copy

lemonade stand 2 041 copy

lemonade stand 2 040 copy

lemonade stand 2 052 copy

And then they proceeded to get a little goofy.

lemonade stand 2 023 copy

lemonade stand 2 062 copy

Any guesses as to what’s going on in the triptych below?


Yep, that’s Ren practicing for his smooching booth with a not-very-willing Claire! But the kissing bandit got his just rewards. As Claire pulled away and he leaned over to follow her, he tipped his chair. Down he went.

lemonade stand 2 oops 1

I like how Claire attends to the flower vase first. Hee hee.

lemonade stand 2 oops 2

Canada Day

With rain forecast on Canada Day, we made plans with friends to go to a matinee (Brave – loved it!). I took a few pictures of the kids at our place before we left for the show. This is the best I could get of the two crazy-heads together:

Canada day1

I barely had time to take any pictures before they were off the steps and on to their favourite front-yard activity: stomping ants that have strayed from our nasty ant hills.

Canada Day 019 copy

Canada Day 018 copy

Why they relish this activity, I do not know.

I hope you all had a wonderful Canada Day!

Canada Day 011 copy

Walking with Kitsya

Whenever we head outside to garden or play in the yard, we bring our indoor cat, Kitsya, with us. She has a little harness and a leash that she dons for these occasions. Lately, the kids have enjoyed taking her for little walks around the yard. I think she enjoys it too.

walking with Kitsya 044 copy
walking with Kitsya 081 copy
walking with Kitsya 106 copy
walking with Kitsya 092 copy

Have a great couple of weeks, everyone! I’ll post photos of our Sask. trip upon our return.

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  • That is such a cute picture of them sitting on the porch together, on Canada Day. Lilah LOVES squashing bugs too – I think she picked that trait up from her school friends, ahem… that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

    Oh and the look on Ren's face when he falls off the chair from kissing Claire, I almost died laughing. It is such a shy mischevious look. He is adorable!

    Have a super vacation! And take lots of pictures!


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