Fire hall visit

The kids had so many wonderful experiences in Saskatchewan with so many different people: grandparents, adoption friends, godparents, cousins and aunts and uncles. One uncle in particular has to be mentioned here because he arranged a new experience for the kids that I know they found very exciting: visiting a fire hall!

To back up a bit, I had emailed the kids’ Uncle Dorian (my brother-in-law) a few days in advance, saying that we’d be in his city and asking if he’d have time to meet up for a late lunch or coffee break. I had to smile at the thoughtfulness of his response; not only was he happy to make time for us but he was proposing various things he could do with the kids. (Dorian is a city manager and could arrange for tours at various facilities within his scope.) In the end, a visit to a new fire hall was the chosen activity.

The kids were pretty shy but I could tell from their expressions that they were super excited. I think you’ll see that in the photos below.

Saskatchewan 2012 351 copy
Saskatchewan 2012 357 copy
Saskatchewan 2012 363 copy
Saskatchewan 2012 385 copy
Saskatchewan 2012 386 copy
Saskatchewan 2012 392 copy
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Saskatchewan 2012 428 copy
Saskatchewan 2012 434 copy

The kids got to sit in three different fire trucks. It was hard to get great photos of them in the trucks because they were quite high up and I wasn’t so bold as to ask for a step-ladder! But I think I was able to capture some cute stuff anyway. I like this one with their little heads just barely visible over the dash:

Saskatchewan 2012 404 copy
Saskatchewan 2012 406 copy
Saskatchewan 2012 413 copy
Saskatchewan 2012 415 copy
Saskatchewan 2012 462 copy
Saskatchewan 2012 464 copy

At the end of the tour, the kids got little fire hats and colouring books.

Saskatchewan 2012 470 copy
Saskatchewan 2012 471 copy
Saskatchewan 2012 472 copy
Saskatchewan 2012 476 copy
Saskatchewan 2012 478 copy

Thanks to the firemen who gave the kids a great tour and a huge thank you to Uncle Dorian for arranging it all! The kids had such a good time experiencing this with you, Uncle!

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  • There is nothing like visiting a fire hall for little kids! Or their mothers…ReplyCancel

  • Rae

    What a great field trip! Yay for Uncle Dorian. šŸ™‚ I love the picture near the end of Ren with his fireman's hat on, where he's running toward you…he looks like he's ready to burst with happiness!ReplyCancel

  • Haha! Paige's comment COMPLETELY cracked me up… because I was thinking about saying something funny along those lines too, but she beat me to it!! šŸ˜‰

    Love that shot of Claire with the firman hat on, the real one, where she is looking up… absolutely pricless.

    What a fun time planned by what sounds like a fun Uncle!

    Oh and I love Ren's expression in the last shot… hehe! He is such a ham… you can tell he totally gets his kicks from his sister!!


  • And yes, I agree with Paige, awesome field trip for the kids AND Mama! Lol. I do love the last few shots of Ren's genuine happiness at getting his own fireman hat. And lovely portrait shot as last picture. You are an excellent photographer Monica.ReplyCancel

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