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I am one thrilled mama. My kids love books. And they are now loving chapter books! Yes, the kind with no pictures!!

I am beyond surprised that my five-year old Ren has the attention span for chapter books but he totally does. Both of them do. We haven’t been reading chapter books for long but we just finished one that I am so excited about. My kids are now versed in the world of Harry Potter!

harry potter 055 copy

Ask them what Muggles are. They know! Diagon Alley? Oh yeah, they’ve been there (in their minds, of course!). Hagrid? Oh, he’s such a good guy. Snape? What a creep!

For the last two or three weeks, I’ve read them a chapter a night. After each chapter, we’d review things a bit and I could tell they really had absorbed what I had read aloud to them. Last night we finished Chapter 17, the final chapter. I am so impressed that they have followed this book through its entirety – all 223 pages of it, with regular-sized print!

That last chapter was a little scary but they were brave and saw it through to the happy end. The kids were so excited about the ending they got up and boogied on Claire’s bed to celebrate along with Harry and friends.

harry potter 110 cropped
harry potter 089 copy

Claire and Ren really liked this book and want to continue with the next ones. I’m holding off, however. They do get scarier as the series progresses! I think we’ll expand our literary horizons with other books for now, but I think we will re-read the first Harry Potter book once in a while.

Next up: Jacob Two-two and the Hooded Fang by Paul’s favourite author, Mordecai Richler.

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  • That is great that they will sit for that! No way that Zoe ever would, she can barely sit through a toddler book!

    I love Claire's bookcase in the background… she must put her books away by herself!ReplyCancel

  • Rae

    Isn't it great to be reading chapter books??!! I'm thrilled to be reading Ivy & Bean and Ramona the Pest instead of Pinkalicious (one of my least favourite books).

    Good for Claire and Ren for sitting through Harry Potter! I'm pretty sure the scary parts of that one would be too much for my timid girl.ReplyCancel

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