Beautiful sisters

Mihn and Sun 706 vintage spring at 60

Last week, I got to photograph Claire’s best friend in Kindergarten, Mihn, and her younger sister, Sun. What a hoot that little photo shoot was. They are both very spirited, goofy kids and they had me laughing (and causing a lot of camera-shake!) throughout the night. Both of them were also in full-on little-girl-pose mode. You know, where they offer you a fake dreamy smile with their chins tucked in just so. Thankfully I was able to capture real smiles in between their fake ones!

Mihn and Sun 653 vintage spring at 65

Their grandmother made these beautiful dresses for their mom, Kathy, when she was young. I had seen the girls wear the dresses to school and had heard the story. I love clothing that is handed down from one generation to the next. I think I mentioned to Kathy at one point that I’d love to do a photo shoot of them in the dresses. And then when the trees were blossoming so beautifully everywhere, I think Kathy mentioned a photo shoot with the blossoms. Voila, our little photo shoot had just come together!

Mihn and Sun 063 copy
Mihn and Sun 059 vintage spring at 60

Claire has many wonderful friends at school but Mihn will always be extra-special because, as Claire often reminds me, Mihn was her very first friend at Kindergarten. They made friends on the first day.

Mihn and Sun 079 copy closer crop
Mihn and Sun 412 copy 2 vintage spring at 50

Mihn and Sun 101 copy

Sun, Mihn’s younger sister, will be Ren’s classmate! They are going to attend Kindergarten together this fall. Even though they don’t currently attend school together, they’ve gotten to know each other very well (in whatever way that children do!) because our two families often stay at the playground to play after Kindergarten class ends.  I’m glad Ren will already have a buddy when he begins school.

Mihn and Sun 438 copy vintage spring at 50

Mihn and Sun 449 vintage spring at 70

Mihn and Sun 153 vintage spring at 65
Mihn and Sun 278 vintage spring at 55

Mihn and Sun 288 copy vintage spring at 50

These beautiful girls also have a really sweet older brother. Whenever he sees Claire at school, he runs over to her and gives her a big hug. It’s like he’s her older brother too. 🙂   I’m hoping to photograph him soon as well.

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  • Gorgeous pictures of two stunning girls – so easy to photograph, I can tell your camera just loved them! Very nice work Monica.


  • Great photos. I love these girls names… so cute!ReplyCancel

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