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After several days of rain last week, we’ve been blessed with beautiful weather this weekend. To make it all the better, we’ve been graced with a stunning display of blossoming trees throughout the city.

I am planning to do a photo shoot of my friend’s children in front of some blossoming trees this week so I took Claire out on Friday to practice. I hadn’t shot at this particular location before and I wanted to try it out before attempting photos of someone else’s children. I’m glad I did because I found that I didn’t like my chosen aperature in several of the shots. I love a good background blur (“bokeh”) but I overdid it occasionally, so much that the blossoms were just a blur of pink without any form or differentiation. I like the ones I’ve posted here; I discarded many others because of bad bokeh!

blossoms 234 copy

blossoms 385 copy

blossoms 151 copy

The following few pictures are belly-laugh shots:

blossoms 135 copy

blossoms 136 copy

blossoms 316 copy

blossoms 393 copy

I “upped” the drama on a couple of photos. Usually I prefer photos quite natural but I thought these suited a little something more:

blossoms 306 copy

blossoms 364 cropped blossom at 100 copy

Claire’s beautiful dress was specially picked by her Uncle Dorian. Apparently, she’s the only princess in Canada with this dress! Claire is also wearing a very special rosary from her godmother, Auntie Sylvie. Claire says the blues in the rosary and the dress match and therefore, the two items should be worn together!

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  • Stunning… that first photo is one of your best ever! And you are right, the post processing is perfect for these shots, very romantic.ReplyCancel

  • She has a fabulous belly laugh… it makes me want to laugh with her!

    I just love the second last photo of her looking down, and the post-processing is perfect for it too.

    Her dress is gorgeous, so special that her Uncle bought it. 🙂


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