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Claire’s sixth birthday was yesterday but the celebrating officially began over the Easter weekend. On Saturday, my side of the family gathered at my mom’s house for Easter. Since Liam had his birthday earlier that week and Claire’s was coming up, we decided to celebrate both birthdays that day.

In our family, we seem to have a little tradition whenever we celebrate more than one person’s birthday: we order one cake with a goofy combination of colours or pictures to represent both people. This time around, I ordered a rainbow / soccer cake. The DQ did not disappoint!

Claire and Liam collage copy

Claire adores her big cousin Liam, so it was especially nice for the two of them to have a shared party with our family.

Back at Paul’s parents’ house the next day, another rainbow-themed cake awaited:

Easter 491 copy

That day was Dido’s actual birthday (three days before Claire’s) so once again, it was an occasion to share!

Before the candles were lit and the gang sang the requisite ditty, Dido (Wally) suggested to Claire that they sing Happy Birthday to each other. Claire readily agreed and they proceeded to serenade each other as we silently observed.

Easter 502 copy

It was a really sweet little moment: one of those moments you just soak in, knowing how special and fleeting it is.

Claire and Dido diptych copy

Claire’s birthday party with her buddies is going to be held in a week and a half. We scheduled it quite a bit later than her actual birthday to allow for the dust to literally and figurately settle after having our windows done. I am planning to make her a rainbow cake for the party – you know, the one with five to seven layers of different colours. I got a bit of an idea of how it’s going to go when I made Claire’s birthday dinner yesterday: stacks of seven pancakes in rainbow colours.


I call them “Double Rainbow Pancakes” because of the little cloud and rainbow candy on top. They were fairly colourful all stacked up like that but when we cut into it, wow! The colours were so intense! I told the kids not to expect coloured pancakes very often (if ever again!); such strong food colouring cannot be good for a person!


So, three parties down, one to go. Phew, this birthday business is hard work! Wish me luck with the actual rainbow cake – I’m going to need it.

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  • I LOVE that photo of Claire and her Grandpa, it is precious!

    I did the rainbow cake a couple of years ago… it was a lot of work, but was really cute! She should have enough dye in her system to last her awhile!

    You are one creative mama!ReplyCancel

  • Turning 6 is worth at least 3 parties! So sweet that Wally and Claire sang to each other.
    Good luck with the rainbow cake, the pancake stack looks great!ReplyCancel

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