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Oh boy, were we sick last week! It was the children’s spring break from school and sadly, they were sick the entire time with some nasty strain of the flu. I was sick too but thankfully didn’t suffer from the tummy troubles and fever like they had, just terrible aching and cold-type symptoms.

We didn’t venture out the entire week but did manage to finally get into the Easter mood with some egg decorating last Thursday.

Check out Claire’s intensity in the first photo below!

188 copy
225 copy
227 copy

Claire really liked colouring on the eggs with white crayon before dipping the eggs in the dye. Ren didn’t enjoy applying crayon to the eggs at all but he did love to put those eggs in the colourful cups!

egg diptych

The eggs were unusually deep in colour after being dyed. They were so pretty. Usually we just pick up an egg-dying kit at the grocery store but this time, we used one that we had received as a free gift at Build-A-Bear recently. The kit also came with bear stencils, stickers and decals. Seeing as how the kit came from Build-A-Bear, the kids’ stuffies from there had to watch the action.

egg collage

By the final day of March, I was feeling better and was ready to try out some cute ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest. (Omigosh, that is a cool site!) With April Fool’s Day the following day, I decided to use the ideas to make meals more interesting that day. I started with a Bunny Brunch. I told the kids to gather up their bunny stuffies (note that a couple of dogs wearing bunny-ears snuck in!) and bring them to the table. I offered each bunny a little piece of lettuce and then the main course arrived:

Bunny brunch

When I saw the kids’ smiles, I wondered why I don’t more creative with every meal!

diptych carrot

Claire laughed too but was mostly into inspecting the food.(For those wondering, I had egg salad inside.)

At dinnertime, I had Paul keep the kids downstairs so they wouldn’t see what I was up to. Finally, I invited them up. This was Claire’s reaction when she saw what was on the table:

Happy Fool
Happy Fool

Cupcakes? For supper? But wait, they look … different …   Yep, those are meatloaf and mashed potato “cupcakes” but I waited a little longer to tell the kids what they actually were. 

Ren was the first to dig in. He picked it up with his hand as if it were a real cupcake!

Happy Fool

Meanwhile, Claire was still trying to figure out what the things were made of:

Happy Fool
Happy Fool

In all, my little pranks were a success and I had more fun in the kitchen preparing food than I usually do. April Fool’s Day was particularly fun this year because the kids were quite into it. They called up Baba and Dido and pretended to be from Disneyland calling to offer them jobs there. Just when Baba and Dido were ready to move to Anaheim, Claire and Ren exclaimed “Happy Fool’s Day!”. (No matter how often I told them it’s called “April Fool’s Day”, they kept saying “Happy Fool’s Day”. And actually, I think it’s cuter anyway!) They also kept playing little pranks on Paul and me like putting toys on our chairs just as we were sitting down. Thankfully no whoopie cushions were involved, nor were any extremely sharp toys!

We have a flurry of activity over at our house this week with the installation of new windows and doors on our 1955 bungalow. We had new shingles put on a month or two ago, a new front step built last week and now this. Our house is transforming! In a month, we’ll get new siding, soffits and fascia and then sometime later this summer, a new fence. I can’t wait! I’ll be sure to post before and after photos but be patient, it’ll be some time before the whole “look” comes together. That said, I will post some in-progress photos.

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  • What a creative mama! I love these cute meal ideas, will have to remember them for next year….

    I can hardly wait to see the before and after shots of your house.

    Happy Easter!ReplyCancel

  • Great ideas Monica!!! Love the meatloaf and mashed potatoes!
    Can't wait to see the house makeover. Sounds exciting!

  • Rae

    Your creations look delish! Bryn was convinced Claire and Ren were having cupcakes for supper.ReplyCancel

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