“Skiing is AWESOME!”

Skiing 038 copy

So proclaimed Claire after her first-ever skiing experience! Ren too gave it a great review, although he made sure to mention how hard it is!

We have a little ski-hill in our river valley, only about a 10 minute drive from our house. We decided it was finally time to give it a go. Last week, I signed the kids up for a one-hour private lesson for Sunday morning. Neither Paul nor I had a clue about how to teach a kid to ski so we thought it would be best to look to the pros. Thank God we did. I think it made a huge difference in how successful the kids were!

Here they are surveying the slopes before their big lesson.

Skiing 014 copy

The first part of the kids’ lesson was without skis. Jean took them up the magic carpet and onto the bunny slope sans skis to get them used to the magic carpet and to easily introduce the snow-ploughing concept to them.

Skiing 076 copy
Skiing 100 copy

Then she spent some time with the kids on just one ski each. I would never have thought of that but it seemed to really give the kids the idea of how to move around.

And finally, two skiis each!

Skiing 140 copy

Jean used a few different tricks to get the kids used to snow-ploughing. For the first little while, she used a device that kept the fronts of their skiis together but at the same time prevented the skiis from crossing. She also used a hula-hoop thingy to give the kids a hand sometimes. But within the hour, they were doing it all on their own.

Skiing 367 copy
Skiing 518 copy

Claire’s face in the photo above cracks me up. It is such a strange little expression that I haven’t seen on her face before.

After the lesson, we went inside for some hot chocolate and, since Paul was the one picking out the food, poutine. The kids kept looking back outside at the hill they had conquered:

Skiing 400 copy

So, back outside we went!

Skiing 470 copybw

Skiing 448 copy
Skiing 062 copy bw

Paul and I are thrilled that this was such a good experience for the children. We didn’t ski ourselves this time around but we look forward to when we can ski together as a family. We hope to go a couple more times before the season is over but with the way the snow is melting as I write this, who knows!

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  • Awesome is right!

    Looks like they conquered 'pizza'. the next terminology they'll be using is 'french fries', and it's not the kind with poutine!! 😉

    Skiing is so much fun!


  • Wow! This looks like an amazing experience. The kids look so focused. Way to go Claire and Ren! xoReplyCancel

  • I love Claire's expression in that photo too, it's like… where's the black diamond, this is getting old…

    Skiing is a great family sport, and certainly helps us enjoy our very long winters a little more.ReplyCancel

  • Rae

    Look at them go!ReplyCancel

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