Locks of Love

Yesterday afternoon, I carefully separated Claire’s hair into four separate ponytails. And then I measured. And measured again. And measured yet again. And then I cut.

Two years ago, Claire began growing her hair out. At some point, I mentioned to her that if she wanted to, she could continue growing it until it was long enough to donate for children who have hair loss due to illness. I wasn’t sure at the time if Claire really was keen on the idea but a short while later when an acquaintance commented on her long hair, she piped up and said she was growing it long so that she could donate it. Every so often, I would hear her tell people that same goal.

Locks of Love (one of many organizations that collect hair for this purpose), requires the donated hair to be a minimum of 10″ in length. After two years of growth, we determined that Claire’s hair was finally long enough. We knew she’d be left with a short bob but she was fine with that.

So, back to yesterday …

locks for love copy

I was a little nervous about how Claire would react when the cut actually took place. As you can see in the last couple of pictures, she was her typical sunny and goofy self. (Whew!!!)

Unfortunately, despite my cautious cutting, I did hack things more than I intended. There are a couple of spots that are above her earlobes, which was shorter than I wanted to go. As a result, my stylist didn’t have a lot of room this morning to clean things up during our pre-scheduled appointment to glamourize Claire’s new ‘do.

Claire’s hair is a little short at the moment and although I think she looks adorable as always, I am secretly cringing about my hack job. Thankfully, she is oblivious to it all and thinks her new ‘do is superb. I hope nobody teases her at school. The good news is that her hair grows super-fast and it’ll be a great length in a month or two.

Here are some photos I took today after we returned from the stylist. Claire’s hair looks especially short in these because she insisted on wearing a headband that she had just spent several minutes positioning “just so”. But you’ll get the idea. Hopefully you can also tell how happy she looks. And proud.
IMG_4470 copy

IMG_4477 copy

IMG_4476 copy

To say we are proud of our girl is an understatement. We are in awe of her ability to think beyond herself and impressed that she set a goal and saw it through till the end. This little girl, a mere 40″ in height, may be small in stature but she is gigantic in heart.

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  • I called Ava over to see her friend and she said "She looks beautiful!" It was only after I scrolled up and showed her all of the photos that she even realized that her hair was gone!!!! Silly girl. But kind of sweet that all she saw was her beautiful friend and not just her hair:)ReplyCancel

  • What an incredible thing for a little girl to do. We're proud of you too, Claire! And we love your new 'do! xxooReplyCancel

  • I think that is an amazing thing for her to do at such a young age… Good for her and I think she looks great.ReplyCancel

  • I am so proud of her too. What an accomplishment!

    You and I both know she's going to go far in everything she puts her mind too.

    Well done Claire!

    PS – Yes, I did buy Lilah that hearts and rainbow skirt! I just posted a few pictures of her wearing it, on flickr. I kinda wish we could get our girls together for a photo shoot now! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Way to go Claire! Your new hairdo looks great!

    I just did the same thing with my hair. Maybe our hair will end up in the same wig.ReplyCancel

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