Ahoy maties! Ren is five today!

Ren composite final

Happy Birthday to my crazy, sweet boy Ren! Pursuant to his wishes, he will be having a pirate party tonight with Claire and some of his favourite adults (me, Paul, Grandma, Baba, Dido, Marianne and Rod, Uncle Stu and Christina). Ren and Claire are both dressing up as pirates but I may have a pirate eye patch and hat at most. It’ll be fun to see how much, if at all, everyone else dresses up!

A couple of days ago, the kids and I went to West Edmonton M*ll to play around on the “pirate ship”. It’s actually a replica of the Santa Maria (one of Columbus’ ships) and for a loonie a person, you can go on board.

Ren knew, of course, that I’d be taking pictures of them there all dressed up and so before we left home, he was poring over his pirate colouring book, examining all the poses. And holy moley, was he ever serious when we got to the ship! I was expecting to see his excited mega-watt smile but no way – he was a serious pirate, sometimes stern, sometimes menacing. But always cute.

Note: I didn’t sew Ren’s fancy pirate shirt. I had planned to but then I found this online for super-cheap and realized I could never sew it as well or as cheaply! It was only $8!

Pirate pix 003 cropped


Pirate pix 057 2


Pirate pix 024 copy copy

I find the photo directly above especially cute because although Ren is trying to look menacing, his grimace makes his cheeks even chubbier-looking and more babyish.

Can you tell how serious he was about posing as a pirate??!! It really took me by surprise.

Ren triptych 2


Ren triptych 1 copy


Pirate pix 183 copy

Claire wasn’t left out of the action. She helped me design her pirate outfit.

Pirate pix 113

Don’t mess with this one!

Pirate pix 117 copy

One last pirate pose:

Pirate pix 234 copy

and then a treat: Orang* Juli*s drinks!

Pirate pix 273 copy

This is always their favourite treat at the mall. The ship is in the background of the photo.

I’ll post birthday photos in a day or two.


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  • Rae, Girard & Bryn

    What a great pirate Ren makes! So handsome even when he's menacing. 🙂
    Super photos, I'm sure everyone else who was on the ship at West Ed had fun watching the show!
    Happy Birthday Ren!!

  • I love Ren's faces… they are perfect. And I never would of thought of going to the ship for photos… great idea!

    Happy Birthday Ren!ReplyCancel

  • Seriously, lots of kids out there with such creative and organized moms. Mine are lucky they make it to school!! Oh well, such is life. How awesome he'll love those pics the rest of his life. I'm even so organized I wished him birthday wishes a day ahead!! OK, I'll for sure write it down correctly now. First poor Bryn was on the wrong day and now Mr. Ren! Can't wait for the actual b-day ones. He just cracks me up – those are winners for sure.ReplyCancel

  • Gorgeous photos. The ship backdrop is really perfect. The darkness of the wood really shows off the pirate kids! Love the menacing faces… I couldn't help but smile 😉 Ren's Birthday invitation is really great. A good likeness to Ren! Can't believe you illustrated all that — that's a lot of work! You are quite the Super Mom!ReplyCancel

  • Wow, did they ever get into character! Ren is so expressive. What a dream birthday! The costumes are terrific.ReplyCancel

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