Ren wants to be a policeman when he grows up. He has great role models in his godparents, who are both police officers.

I’m really trying to give Ren a more rounded view of what the police actually do because somehow he’s gotten it into his head that they pretty much just spend all their time catching robbers (or “roberts”, as Claire says.) Evidently, catching robbers requires serious “locking” (tying up, handcuffing, etc.) skills; Ren is always tying his toys up with whatever bits of materials he can find around the house! On a regular basis (and this has been going on for months!), he’ll call out and say, “Mama, Superman’s locked!”, or “Mom, Buzz is locked!”. I find it curious that these heroes have turned villainous but hey, the kid does have a good imagination.

Big or small, Ren ties ’em all!

Pakka (Claire’s big bear) is one of Ren’s larger subjects:


His more usual subjects are his Playmob*l toys:


Buzz and Woody always get roped into the action, as do his assorted comic book superheroes. Spidey recently found himself in this predicament:

Spidey copy

We find this practice of Ren’s quite humourous although we do have to remind him that real people don’t always liked to get locked up (if you’ll let him, he’ll lock you up, let you escape, lock you up again, and so on and so on). But Paul discovered something the other day that we find absolutely hilarious. If Ren isn’t one unique kid, I don’t know who is. These are pages from his Scooby Doo colouring book:

Scooby collage

Can you tell what he’s done? Yes, instead of colouring the pages, he’s drawn handcuffs on the characters! Check out how Scooby is even put in handcuffs in an underwater scene!

I told Ren’s godmother about this and she jokingly suggested that either he’ll be a police officer when he grows up or a crazy masochist. Zoinks, I think she’s right! Good thing we have years to continue steering him in the right direction! (By the way, did you catch my use of Shaggy’s favourite phrase, “Zoinks”? Nice, huh?!)

Does anyone else think his colouring book pages are as funny as I do? Seriously, I think I’ll be laughing about that well into old age.

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  • Very interesting… and very cute! I was kind of thinking the same thing as his godparent!ReplyCancel

  • That is absolutely hilarious, especially the colouring book! Love his imagination! Watch out!!

    Btw, what a great way to teach him his tying skills!


  • Darn, I left a great long comment and something went glitchy and GONE! I never feel the same the second time so I'll just say what a card that Ren is. He could end up a sailor you know – knots etc. Better than a masochist! Funny how they grab on to one idea and stick with it:)ReplyCancel

  • Rae

    Maybe Ren will be the next Houdini. 🙂
    Love how he tied up the colouring book characters, funny boy!ReplyCancel

  • Maybe Ren will form his own Mystery Team.ReplyCancel

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