I haven’t been into photography as much as usual this last year and the reason is because I’ve taken on too many hobbies! As a busy mom of two five-year olds (well, almost – Ren turns five next week!), I don’t really have time for any hobbies but I’ve always managed to carve out time for photography and reading.

In the past year, though, I’ve begun to do more sewing. I really like the creative process but sheesh, sewing means that everything else falls to the wayside! In the past month, I’ve sewn little Christmas ensembles for the kids (skirt and shirt for Claire, shirt only for Ren) and pirate costumes for Claire and Ren to wear at his upcoming birthday party. This is in addition to small little fixes to clothing, etc. I’ve had a bad cold this week which has affected my brain and ability to sew; everything took so much longer and I kept making stupid mistakes. Sewing was not fun this week!

As I completed the pirate preparation this afternoon, I told the kids that this is it: their fifth birthday parties are the one and only costume birthday parties they will have! I also spent more time than I would have liked working on a little pirate poster for Ren’s birthday. That too may be the last poster I make! I miss photography and look forward to having the time to play around with it again.

Thanks to all of you who have continued to check my blog despite my irregular posting. I really will try to be a better blogger!

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  • I am so happy you're back! I take my hat off to your incredible skills/hobbies, both photography and sewing. I can't sew to save my life and I desperately need to take a photography course.

    Wish you lived closer.

  • We check faithfully – Helena gets quite upset when too much time goes by – I for one totally understand since my last post was Aug. as Rae pointed out not too long ago! But I must admit I get totally excited when you put up something new! Got a new camera for my birthday but have no time to practice! As for sewing, I'm making my colleague a 100 wishes quilt of sorts and hope to have it done by end of January! Loved all the Savannah pics.ReplyCancel

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